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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 6

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 6 

Miles is at the therapist’s preparing to tell Amber that he is gay. He starts by telling her that he loves her a lot and then breaks the news to her that he has feelings of attraction for people of the same sex. He tells her he has been having issues with it and he has been in a relationship. Amber breaks down crying, like full on sobbing saying that everybody was right. Miles runs to the bathroom and Amber follows him yelling continuously that “everybody was right”. Security stops her from following him and she runs out to the street, splayed out on the curb saying she wants to call her mom.

The therapist asks Miles to come out and talk to her but she doesn’t want to see him and tells him to go away. She says she is worried how she will explain this to her daughter and wondering if everyone will laugh at her. I personally, am wondering why she is so upset seeing as they haven’t dated in forever but she says she is angry because he didn’t tell her. The therapist tells Amber that there was no good way for him to tell her and he is torn up about it. Amber says she doesn’t hate him because she can’t but she can’t deal with him right now. She does tell the therapist that she wants to make a phone call especially to his friend Milan who is gay too and they have been kicking it together. The therapist tells her to calm down and take care of herself and Amber says she will stay with her mom and sister. The therapist goes back in and conveys the message to Miles and he says he thought he would feel better but he feels worse.

Nicki, Nia and some new friend are working out and Nia tells them about what happened with Nas and Soulja. Nicki decides that side chick, Nas needs to be checked and since she invited her to her opening event, she will go and check her there. Brandi the Chihuahua is barking again and is meeting up with a very fluffy, Tiny (TI’s wife). She narrates the story to her and says she is willing to work on their marriage. Ray is meeting up with Teairra and for some reason they have to meet at the top of a hill to discuss everything going on. She tells him that she gave him information and he turned it into mess. Ray tells her that she became friends with Princess for a foul reason. He lists her alleged aggressions and tells her that she is janky; they exchange words and Teairra leaves wishing him a “great bitch ass life”

Max is turning up the volume on auto tune for Fizz and calling it producing. He tells Fizz what happened between him and his wife and how things haven’t been good. Fizz tells him he needs to wear his ring but Max says that he was married to the streets first…ugh yawn. Amber is still sad and tells her grandma what happened and she tells Amber not to feel stupid.

Nia and Souljaboi and this whole joke of a relationship are meeting up to discuss a moot topic. Nia is saying she should have been made aware of everything. Soulja gets annoyed and says he has apoligied and they need to move on. He basically turns the tables on her and tells her she is not perfect either. He yells at her and tells her he didn’t even have to say sorry, he is worth $25 million and doesn’t have to deal with this. Either she deals with it or she gets out of his face and she does just that.

Brandi admits that she can go overboard sometimes. She has the champagne and everything out and is making nice with Max. Saying that he works hard and she never admits to her part. Max is a little taken aback but says he stays with her because he knows that she has his back even though she is crazy. He gets them new rings and she gets so excited, jumping in his arms and tongue kissing the hell out of him.

Plastic Nicki stops by Nas fashion show and Nas is playing all nice and asking when the fashion show is going on and Nicki goes straight and says at the end of the day she is Nia’s friend and she doesn’t respect what is going on. Nas says how can she not respect it when she was in the same situation with Mally Mall and Masika. Nicki picks up her drink and you just know the rest isn’t going down her throat. Nas tells her she needs to get her facts straight and Nicki tells her that she should value herself more as a woman and Nas has had it and has security take her out. Nicki asks her to get out her face and I kid you not, Nas throws up! Like fluid just gushes out of her. They are going back and forth and as Nicki leaves, Nas keeps throwing up some more. What.the.hell?? ?

Miles is at his family home to come out to his family. He tells them that he hasn’t been with Amber in a while and he sleeps with men. His sister says they have morals and what is he saying “fuck god” and he says that he isn’t. She breaks down in tears and says he is the only brother they have and he needs to make better decisions. They don’t want to see him go down this path but they want to have nieces and nephews and to see him with a wife. Miles is in tears at this point but his sisters come around and say they will always be there for him regardless.

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