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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 2

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 2 


In a special surprise episode, we are introduced to new cast member, Yung “meet me at the mall” Joc as usual Karli is complaining about something and they make up. We see Mimi and Niko still pretending about this alleged sex tape being stolen. Niko is telling Mimi that they need to fly to L.A and officially release the video, she feigns anger at Niko as he asks for a kiss. Kirk still being a bitch ass is complaining to Benzino, whose jaw seems to be more swollen than usual. He is saying how they are living as roomates and he surely can’t be expected to go this long without sex. He also yaks on about wanting to do a paternity test because he and Erica were “doing them”. Once again, lame couple Miko is on discussing with Vivid Chairman who says when Mimi asks him how he got the tape, that a non disclosure was signed – please remember this is alleged stolen property.

Erica invited Scrappy to talk because she didn’t want things to be awkward. She says she has moved on but she’s not sure Scrappy has moved on due to the texts he has been sending her. He asks Erica if she is in love and she says that she is falling in love and you could see on Scrappy’s face as he says “it just hit me” and he says he thinks she is in love. Scrappy gives a long, incoherent speech basically saying that he is happy for her. She asks him if he is happy and he says that he has no choice but to be happy now. Erica says since he is cool then would he be willing to meet her man and Scrappy says “never”. Jealous Karli Red goes down to Magic City saying she trusts her man but heard he’s “conducting business” so she runs down and catches him taking a shot from a stripper’s stomach. She complains that he comes home smelling like perfume and his “man down there” smells like –use your imagination- and believe it or not Joc says that believe it or not he has enough respect for her and if he were to cheat he would take a shower first. Umm, say whaaa? He throws her a bone with a surprise and then she repeatedly asks if he loves her, if he respects her etc.

Scrappy, who isn’t capable of being faithful is meeting up with another Erica, Erica P. who he met on a video set and tells us how she’s cool and they clicked instantly. He goes into the tale of Bambi and Erica P. asks him why he is always jumping into something and needing love and affection all the time. The trio – Erica, Mimi and Ariane meet up again, sipping wine with straws. Ariane and Erica were eager to update Mimi on what happened at Stevie and Joselyn’s post marital birthday bash. Mimi’s naked pictures/tape comes up and Mimi tells them about the tape. When Erica and Ariane start expressing their disagreement, Mimi gets defensive and starts gangsta rapping about that’s what she’s going to do and she’d rather get paid for it. Ariane calls her a pornstar and says that tape wasn’t stolen. Also, Ariane keeps calling her by her government name Olu.

Sigh. I am tired of Kirk. He continues his gospel about his son looking just like Rasheeda and not like him and the baby is light skinned and he is not. So he conducts a dna test on his own. Stevie calls Mimi to talk and brings up her naked pics. Stevie says that he will fight for his daughter and Mimi’s gangsta comes up and she starts yapping and threw stuff at Stevie. Stevie says don’t come for me unless I’ll send my girl for you. She gives him the finger as she walks away. Stevie rolls up on Niko at the gym and confronts him about leaking a tape. Niko the idiot fights back with him not being able to get his tape picked up and how much money he got for the tape. Before it progresses, security steps in and separates the two. Niko leaps over the fence to hit Stevie but again, security steps in. These two men are obviously too scared to fight. Oh one more, Stevie goes “Noone wants to see my baby mama, come on man, she 50” loool.

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