Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 13

We begin this week with Mimi and Nicko the creep. Nicko is reading a tweet from Joselyn. Mimi is still faux stressing over the sex tape to Nicko as Nicko is creeping ear to ear saying they are trending and are the “biggest names in the world”. He reads a comment from Joselyn to her […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 8

Karlie and Karlena are in the party bus and on their way to the girls trip in New Orleans. They stop by to pick up Rasheeda and she says she hopes it will be a good time for Kirk and her mom to bond a little. Rasheeda brings up the fight between Karlie and Benzino’s […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 2

  In a special surprise episode, we are introduced to new cast member, Yung “meet me at the mall” Joc as usual Karli is complaining about something and they make up. We see Mimi and Niko still pretending about this alleged sex tape being stolen. Niko is telling Mimi that they need to fly to […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 14

Kirk and Rasheeda pick up from when her mom ran over his bike. Kirk continues to be a jackass and tries to make it seem like it is Rasheeda’s fault. He says that she is the one who told him to leave and he didn’t really enjoy it, he is not trying to mess with […]