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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 9

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 9 

We are listening to a decent cut of Althea’s song or as Joseline calls her Ho-thea. Joseline comes in to see her and asked her who produced the song for her, she says Benzino and Joseline says she doesn’t remember Benzino having a hit. Of course, Althea says she and Joseline have to work together. Joseline continues to hate and calls Althea wack. She asks Althea if she is in love and she responds that she is. Joseline tells her that she acted like a scavenger and messing up the family business. Althea tells Jos that when they started dating she knew he had a couple of numbers in his phone. Joseline isn’t convinced and says if anyone would be doing the playing it would be Althea. Althea says if she has anything to say she should just say it. Karlie and Kalenna are mattress shopping and Kalenna says she is shopping for the bed for her studio where she practically lives and sometimes she, her husband and her best friend get it together or in her words “if there are two fat bootied girls in the bed with you what do you think will happen”. She practically infers that she is kicking it with her best friend and Tony understands that she has a best friend that holds her down. She says she has always wanted a wife and a husband. And I think…she flirted with Karlie?

Rasheeda and Kirk are in the bed together and by the looks of it, it looks like they are back in the saddle. Rasheeda tells us she decided to stop fighting and forgive Kirk. Sigh, Mimi keeps going on about this tape and expressing her fear to Dawn and Nicko. As Nicko goes on about capitalizing on this, you can see devil Nicko smirking and saying “we need to take this all the way to the top”. Nicko tells Dawn what they are going through and then goes on to say the way it is going they might even plan a sequel. The way he sees it they are about to make a whole lot of money. Mimi says that is too much for her and the thirst is too real and walks out. Kaleena continues to build her air time and walks into the studio where her husband, Tony is. She drags him out to tell him that her best friend, Ashley is coming down. Tony said he is fine with their relationship but he doesn’t think it is a good idea because Kaleena needs to focus. She tells him she isn’t the only one that will be distracted and he agrees that he will be distracted to but they need to make it work…it was so weird to watch. Joselyn is laying a track in the studio with Stevie and she is frustrated with him making her do it over and over. She tells him she loves the song and feels she can win a Grammy for this song – blank stare- she says she needs a showcase and Stevie says he can’t throw her out to the wolves but he agrees and says he will throw her a showcase. She continues to complain about Althea and says Benzino met Althea on twitter; Stevie is quick to remind her that he met her on Vine. She asks if he has slept with Althea since he and ‘Zino like to share stuff. Stevie says he needs to change the subject and make her focus on her career.

Rasheeda and Althea meet up and Rasheeda says she’s known her for a while in the industry as Althea used to be a video vixen. Rasheeda asks about her relationship with Benzino since Althea kinda has a reputation. Althea says it is not as much as everyone seems to think –as Rasheeda rolls her eyes in disagreement. Rasheeda tells Althea marriage is work and you have to be honest. Althea says there something about someone that she doesn’t think he knows. Rasheeda says it’s best to come from her. Mimi and Ariane have just worked out and Mimi says she needs to talk to her. She tells Ariane about the lipstick found on his shirt and kicking him out. Ariane asks Mimi to pull over because she wants Mimi to look at her. She tells Mimi that does she see what she does as a pattern? Mimi says “the men that I choose? I just like what I like” – a grown woman. A mother. She said that. Mimi always ever fighting with herself gets on the defensive and says she likes what she likes again. Ariane says that she doesn’t like seeing Mimi being used over and over and being taken advantage of. Mimi says how? Ariane says for one he leaked the tape. Mimi gives a lame answer and I am really over this conversation. Mimi is a just an empty hot air balloon, really. We are at Joseline’s auditions for strip…oops sorry dancers.  Joselyn’s motto is sexy, ratchet and classy. Stevie is having the time of his life as a bunch of women audition on the pole. Ariane goes to talk to Nicko at the gym and asks Nicko how it ended up in the hands of an adult entertainment company. Nicko says he has no idea and he had nothing to do with it. They get into an argument but Nicko is such a snake everything he was saying was so lame. Kaleena’s bestie, Ashley is here, she twerks at the red light and …no there was no purpose to that. We see Althea and Benzino by the fireplace and she says she wants to lay it all out to Benzino about her past. She confesses to him that she has slept with Stevie one night but she presents it wrong by blaming him for not bringing it up to her. At first, I thought that he didn’t know but he admits at the confessional that he knew but he had basically locked it away. It really was a weird convo and he tears up a bit and got angry and walks away.

The threesome, Ashley, Kaleena and Tony are at the dining table as Ashley is twerking again for no good reason. Kaleena goes on about how Ashley’s ass inspires her and will help with her album. Her husband asks how he fits in and Kaleena tells us she is pretty sure that Ashley wants her all to herself. She tells Ashley they need to talk about the arrangement and she told him they’d all be in the same room and Ashley says “no”. He agrees and says fine they can go do their thing…again, this is so weird. Benzino is up as Daley plays in the background and he tells us tearily that his dad had called and informed him that his mom had passed away. His family lives in Boston and he tells us how relationships with members of his family are strained. Stevie comes up all dressed up and tells Joseline that Benzino’s mom had passed away and he is headed to Boston to make sure he is okay. She also tells him that he needs to make up with his mom. It actually was a tender moment between the two and once again I rooted for the two.

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