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My Thoughts on #Encanto – Day 11

My Thoughts on #Encanto – Day 11 

Trailer Review: Encanto Has A Magical Premise And Plenty Of Promise

Day 11

Merry Christmas, everyone!!! Ideally, Day 12 should be today but I missed a day and it’s my blog, so here we are. It’s Christmas day so I wanted to watch something guaranteed to be light and fun so, an animated movie it was. Encanto is about the Madrigal family where every member of the family has a super power except Mirabel. Mirabel goes on a quest to find out why this is the case and ends up opening a can of worms involving her exiled Uncle Bruno.

I judge animated movies just as equally as I judge regular good ol’ movies. I might as well actually because I am beginning to think animated movies aren’t just for kids these days. I digress but I enjoyed this. It was an interesting story and who doesn’t like magic? It was aesthetically pleasing, all bright and flowery and the soundtrack was everything. As a fan of Latin music, it was right up my alley. FYI, the music was by Lin Manuel-Miranda.

I recommend this for kids and adults alike.


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