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R&B Divas LA: Season 2 Episode 6

R&B Divas LA: Season 2 Episode 6 

Chrisette is nominated for a Grammy and goes out with the ladies for lunch with the exception of Chante and Claudette. She had a party to celebrate but we really did get to see much of anything. We only saw her perform for the ladies (all the ladies came out to support her) and a few guest who were present. There was this whole hoopla about Chrisette being nominated for an award but we didn’t really get to see much of it. We saw her looking for an outfit, getting ready for the day, and one press interview but there was really not much to see.

Leela and Anthony Hamilton meet for dinner to talk about a show that they have together….. They also have a single together which is doing well on the charts, so they talk about that. Given the success of the single, Leela does an interview with an online magazine, Madame Noir. When she arrives, she is asked if she would like to answer some questions for Bossip which is a celebrity gossip site. She lets them know that she does not want to do an interview where information she provides will be misconstrued and used as gossip. Needless to say, the interview does not go well because all the interviewer wants to talk about is Leela’s personal life and her opinions about what other celebrities have said rather than talk about her music. It is clear that she wants to get out of the interview but decides to stay and promote her album. I’m liking Leela on this show. She has consistently been very clear about who she is, what she stands for, and what she will and will not tolerate and who can blame her? She has an image and reputation to protect.

Lil Mo meets with Tye Tribbet (grammy nominated gospel singer) and Mookie (R&B artist) to talk about project that they are going to be working on as a group. Lil Mo suggests that the group be named Junior High and they all agreed…. While the show is going on, I just can’t help but thinking that this name sounds a lot like City High, Claudette’s former group. What a bad idea but hey to each his own. Lil Mo does not want her ex-husband in on the project but the issue with that is that Phillip is very good friends with Tye and Mookie’s vocal producer so it makes things a little difficult for them. Lil Mo agrees that if Phillip is to be involved she would prefer not to have contact with him. Lil Mo has a show where she was supposed to introduce her new band mates but due to bad weather on the East Coast, her band members are unable to make it to the show. The show must go on though so with some pep talk from the ladies, she hits the stage.

I thought they were making some head way last week but I must say that this episode was super boring. I mean Michel’le was only in one scene and Chante and Claudette have pretty much been missing from this season. The whole talk about the grammys was a total bust. Oh well, I’ll keep watching……

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