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The Reality Show Delusion

The Reality Show Delusion 

If you are familiar with this space then you already know about my love affair with reality shows. If you are new to this space then yes – my name is Taynement and I am addicted to reality shows. I watch a lot of them. Not all of them. But a decent amount. I am not that deluded to not know that most of them are “helped along” by producers and also not that deluded that I can’t admit that it’s usually an hour of a hot ass mess and total trash. But, I love it so.

I like to view the characters in these like the animals on an Animal Planet show because these creatures (no, I don’t feel bad about calling them creatures because it is really how they act) are so far removed from my reality that half the time, I can’t even believe what I am watching. As a veteran watcher, there are a few observations about reality show stars that I’d like to share with you guys.


  • Confidence/Delusional: I have always said that no one has more confidence than a reality star. Some may call it delusions of grandeur and they won’t be wrong either as the two intersect and the lines between the two are blurry. If you watch the Love and Hip Hop franchises you should be familiar with how many of them believe they will become a big star and spend oodles of time in the studio creating music that we the masses never get to hear. I mean, Joseline tells us every 5 seconds that she is an “international superstar”. Don’t get me started on Nene Leakes or the numerous ousted contestants who tell us “This is not the last you have heard of me” Yes honey, it is.
  • Shameless: Reality stars are the most shameless people you will ever encounter. Besides the fact that they decided to go on a show and act a fool in front of millions, they suffer so bad from the ailment above that they sit in pride and consider themselves as somebody because they star on a reality show. They don’t realize that they are at the bottom of the barrel in the industry and very few will garner the respect that they think they deserve. I mean how do you go on a show and act like a person with no manners and home training and believe you are on the same level as Beyonce? *passes the mic to Kenya Moore for an answer*
  • Insecurity: If you are watching the current season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you must have hit your head a thousand times on a table. It’s such an incredible thing to watch grown old ass women still acting like they are in high school. Being mean girls, forming cliques, vying for approval or the current season of Real World where a girl practically believed that because the guy didn’t want to sleep with her then she was worthless *face palm*
  • Dumb: Boy oh boy. These people are dumb as all rocks. Have you ever seen Bachelor Pad? But you know, I guess being shameless makes it really easy to be dumb. Also, the only reason I can think of why they spend all day retweeting everyone who praises them.
  • Unaware: I’ve never seen a group of people who are so unaware of their lack of sense. They sit so comfortably in it and roll around in it. I watch these shows and think that at the reunion they will be embarrassed or something but nope. The Vanderpump kids and Housewives et al justify their stupidity and do not own up to any wrong doing. Season after season you see yourself on TV being an ass and it never once occurs to switch up? huh, Vicky (from Real Housewives of OC)
  • Criminals: All these people with criminal records and criminal activities are the first to jump up and have the desire to be in front of a camera. Shouldn’t you be under the radar or something?
  • Acting brand new: This applies just to the competitive shows. They come on like they haven’t watched the show before and make mistakes of previous pasts. You can’t come on Top Chef and use frozen products. You can’t get on Survivor and voluntarily lose so your team can go to tribal.
  • Crazy:  ’nuff said

I’m sure there’s so much more but these are the ones that came to mind. What else would you add to the list?

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