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Shows I Loved…Then Stopped Watching

Shows I Loved…Then Stopped Watching 

Once upon a time, there were shows I raved about nonstop. Chances are high you’ll find a post on the blog of me recommending it. And then one day, I am going through my DVR (I rarely watch shows live) and I skip an episode. An episode becomes 2, then 3 and at that point, I know I am probably not coming back to it.

I honestly can’t pin point one reason why I quit these shows especially when I am one of those who still watches Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t 100% say that I stopped because of the quality. It could be because we have so many options now. I try to watch things that I enjoy so the one thing I can say is somewhere along the way it just stopped grabbing my attention and I unfortunately thought it wasn’t worth my precious tv viewing time.

Regardless of the fact that I stopped watching them, I hope that they still have viewership because there is something for everyone!

  • All American – This was a show I was begging everyone to watch because it was so good but wasn’t high on the ratings. I wasn’t even sure if it would get renewed after the first season. At the height of the pandemic, I missed a couple of episodes and I just couldn’t get back in the saddle. I hope it’s still giving good content.
  • Grace and Frankie – I loved everything about this show and how it centered two women whose age by Hollywood standards would be classified dead. But I think what happened with this show is it went on longer than it should have. There is only so much of Frankie’s antics we can take…or Sol for that matter.
  • The Kominsky Method – I just didn’t see the point without Norman but they were smart enough to end it.
  • Big Sky – I watched the entire first season and really enjoyed it. I had a DVR mishap and didn’t know when it came back and I just didn’t have time for a catchup.
  • 9-1-1 – I can’t believe this show is on the list. I really, really liked this. The way they always had some catastrophe that made me turn away always got me, until it just didn’t anymore. And I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion but I don’t think this is some of Angela Basset’s best work.
  • The Sinner – This is the least surprising show on this list. I didn’t care for the first season but really liked the second season. Stuck around for the third but it was so bad, I threw in the towel.

Do you watch any of these shows and still enjoy it? Let me know in the comments!

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