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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 5

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 5 

Moniece is hiking with her mom and her mom tells her that she has to be honest with her about them hurting each other and how they should mention what they did so they can move on. Her mom who looks fantastic by the way, tells her that she needs to work on herself and stop getting distracted by men. Her mom gave her harsh truths and tells her that her son needs to be a priority and point blank asks him if she is dating Richie. Moniece says that that’s her business. Her mom says if they are to move forward can she meet him? And what happens if she doesn’t like Rich? Moniece says she will take it into consideration.

Soulja and Nia are out and Soulja tells us that he has to nip some things in the bud. He tells her that Nas popped up at his house. Nia tells him that it is his problem and he needs to take care of it. Soulja says that they need to have a united front and approach Nas together. Nia says she hates being in this position but agrees to meet.  Amber is still on Miles and is meeting up with him to find out their status. Miles tells us that he is nervous especially since she lives across the street from Milan and he is scared that they will run into each other. Amber goes off on how Miles is living the live with him and Milan running with hoes. She asks if the woman is outside. Miles continues to drag it and says he can’t hurt his best friend. He tells her to be patient and let her figure things out. Amber gets upset and tells him when he is ready to be a man and be with her he should call her.

We are introduced to Shanda, wife of Willie from Day 26. She tells us that they just moved to LA and trying to make it happen. She says that they have been together for 13 years. Shanda is worried about their finances and how they only have 6 months of savings. Rich continues his façade and tells us how he went back to NY and couldn’t stop thinking about Moniece and decided to move in with her. She ambushes him and tells him that they are going to dinner with her mom. Rich asks why he would do that and she explains that she is trying to build a relationship with her mom. Rich asks what the main rift between her and her mom was and she explains how her mom wasn’t supportive during her custody battle.

Nas tells us that Soulja is still hitting her up even after he kicked her out and she doesn’t know what to do. Soulja and Nia walk in together and he explains that he called her here to clarify everything. Nas says “yesterday. They were good” and now he is pretending. Soulja says this is his girlfriend. Nas says that she has text messages that can prove and Nia says she wants to see it and Nas happily passes over the phone. Nia reads it and says she understands why Nas is confused because Soulja is leading her on. Soulja says that he can’t stay here and make a choice because at the end of the day he has a million bitches he can go to. Nas asks if he didn’t ask her to come over he says yes he did and Nas tells Nia “you’re welcome” which triggers Nia and she says she will never thank a ho for anything and Nas throws water on her face and security steps in and earns their paycheck. Soulja continues and tells Nia that it’s over and he loves her and he takes off his chain and puts it on her and tells her how it cost $5000 and his trust symbol. All the while she says nothing.

Miles has moved into Milan’s place and he tells him that he is worried about telling Amber and Milan says that if they haven’t dated in a while so why is it a big deal? He tells him to tell her soon and if he doesn’t he will tell her himself. Miles decides that he will tell her tonight.

Ray J spews his delusion on us that his business is popping and he has to meet with his manager, Cash to talk about the video of his new single. He confides in his manager that Princess is messing with his head. His manager asks him if he believes Teairra because she might be trying to get him from Princess

Apryl and Shanda meet up to work out and she vents to Apryl about their money issue. She says that she doesn’t mind going back to Chicago to dance again. She tells us she was a dancer before but Willie didn’t want her to do it anymore after the kids. Apryl tries to talk to her and tell her that it’s not smart to go back to dancing but Shanda isn’t listening. Miles is dramatically driving to Amber’s house as Amber is applying makeup. He gets there and drives away.

Richie tells Moniece that he is at this dinner against his better judgement. Moniece’s mom comes in guns blazing and asks if they are dating. She tells him that he has a reputation of a player and if they have a future. She tells him that he is 40 and she is 47 so they are peers. Rich slings back and says he is all for rounding up and she is technically 50. She slings back and says the child support issue came up. Richie says he is offended as she doesn’t know him and she doesn’t know anything about his issue. Rich fights back on how she can attack him based on blogs when she has a shit relationship with her daughter and why doesn’t she fix that before casting stones. Rich says she should be happy with her daughter being happy instead of looking to poke holes.

Shanda…once again talks about their finances and says that they have bills that are due and she spreads them out on the couch. They get into a fight because Shanda wants to dance and says she will do anything for her kids but Willie says he can’t let her dance again and even for him it’s too much for him to deal with mentally and he loves her too much to let her to go back to dancing. He asks her to trust him and she walks away and says she will not talk about it anymore.

Ray is shooting his video and Princess is on set as she tells us that Ray didn’t invite her to set and left her cooped up in the hotel.  Ray J brings up her friendship with Teairra and how Teairra has been calling Ray to tell him stuff she says. Princess says this is the proof she wanted and asks him how Teairra has the right to call him whenever and for him to realize what he has, he has to do without. She says she doesn’t know why she is in this relationship anyways and she tells Ray that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Ray says that the reason they can’t work is because they don’t trust each other and the reason she doesn’t trust him is because a man doesn’t let his girl go to jail and that’s when she lost her respect for him.

Miles said he couldn’t go home and face Milan so he spent the night at his aunt’s house. He says he knows Milan would be upset that they didn’t spend their first night together. Milan tells him that he followed him so he should stop lying about staying at his aunt’s house. Miles tries to tell him that he didn’t stay and he left but Milan does not believe him and instead kicks him out and throws his stuff out.

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