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Some Award Show Season Musings

Some Award Show Season Musings 

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It’s Award Season and as usual there are some things that had me going hmm…

  • I can’t get over the Grammys not nominating the person with one of the biggest albums of 2020. How do you snub The Weeknd? Hate him or love him, it makes no sense. They keep losing black artists. Pretty soon they won’t have them in attendance.
  • I know the angle is to position yourself in the best possible way you can win an award but Daniel Kaluuya being the supporting actor in Judas and the Black Messiah had me chuckling so hard. I shouldn’t though, he is probably going to win the Oscar.
  • For those who watched Small Axe, do you think John Boyega did a better job than Paul Mescal in Normal People or Hugh Grant/Donald Sutherland in The Undoing? Still so weird the leads of Normal People were shut out of the SAGs.
  • Truly surprised Cynthia Erivo isn’t getting much noise for The Outsider. I thought she was pretty good in it.
  • Minari is based in American about an American family but because they speak Korean an according to the rules, any movie with over 50% of non English disqualifies it as an American movie. I wonder how they measure the amount.
  • Can someone explain to me why a screening of the Broadway show of Hamilton on TV qualifies it for the TV Movie category?
  • How do streaming services determine what qualifies as a TV movie vs. a big screen movie. Why is Sylvie’s Love a TV movie? (I know, I know…best chance at winning)
  • Kerry Washington getting nominated over Reese Witherspoon in Little Fires Everywhere is such a mystery to me. Don’t get me started on Leslie Odom over Kingsley Ben-Adir in One Night in Miami.
  • We just might get a female Best Director Oscar winner with Chloe Zao for Nomadland. And she’s just 38!
  • I wonder if post-humous nominations should be kept separate from the other nominees. I very rarely see a post humous nominee lose. They almost always win.
  • I don’t care what anybody says I still think Jared Leto deserves his noms.
  • Everyone on Ted Lasso, not just Jason Sudeikis should be nominated. All deserving.
  • Vanessa Kirby should win everything for the Best Actress award but if Andra Day steals it, I won’t be mad. The United States vs. Billie Holiday was a disjointed mess but she was pretty great in it, especially for her debut in acting. Another person who was great in a meh piece of work is Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant. She deserves her noms.

As Oscar noms. are being announced pretty soon, I am sure I will have more thoughts but these are it for now. Let me know if you have any additions.

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