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Just in case you are new to the blog, I am a huge reality show fiend. Doesn’t matter what kind or how bad, I’m in. Competitive reality shows are a faction of reality shows that I enjoy. My two favorite of these are #Survivor and #TheChallenge. But I digress 😀

In recent times (or maybe not so recent) I have noticed that men seem to win these shows more than the women do. Years ago, on American Idol, there was a running joke that only WGWG (white guys with guitars) got to win. At some point, men won 5 straight times in a row. Survivor has more male winners than women. Masked Singer is a relatively new show and we have had men win both seasons.

The most recent winner of Project Runway is a man and even moving across the pond, the most recent winner of The Great British Bakeoff is a man. Is there a reason for this? With American Idol or The Voice, I can see how this is the case because the people voting are more than likely young women voting for the hearthrob but what is the reason when it is not up to the voting public?

Has this crossed anyone else’s mind? Any ideas on why?

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