Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 7

The new quartet – Stevie, Joselyn, Benzino and his girl walk into the space for their new joint venture, Sleazy & Zino Bar and Grill. Joselyn gives them an idea to have a Joselyn night that would be like Studio 54. Her reasoning? She’s the baddest bitch. She will sing every night, hell maybe everyday. […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3: Episode 1

After what felt like forever, our favorite ratchet show returned for another anticipated season especially since the debut of Mimi and Niko’s snoozefest of a sextape. The season started with a view of Stevie J’s 18,000 sq ft house that he calls the White House, with him tinkering on the piano keys. We are shown […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 14

Kirk and Rasheeda pick up from when her mom ran over his bike. Kirk continues to be a jackass and tries to make it seem like it is Rasheeda’s fault. He says that she is the one who told him to leave and he didn’t really enjoy it, he is not trying to mess with […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 13

  The episode begins with Rasheeda coming to visit Mimi. Rasheeda catches her up on what’s going on and tells her about the cabin house episode (yes turnt up was still used). Mimi says he doesn’t know who this is and they’ve been together since they were teenagers. Rasheeda tears up as she wonders why […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 12

We pick up where we left off with Kirk and the two women going at it in bed (Although I have to say the whole “love scene” looked staged). Kirk tells us he has the time of his life and wondering what he just did. He says he has a lot to fix when he […]