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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 13

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 13 

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The episode begins with Rasheeda coming to visit Mimi. Rasheeda catches her up on what’s going on and tells her about the cabin house episode (yes turnt up was still used). Mimi says he doesn’t know who this is and they’ve been together since they were teenagers. Rasheeda tears up as she wonders why Kirk is acting up and Mimi reassures her that it is not her and she shouldn’t beat herself up. I felt so much for her because it’s so hard to not feel like it is not your fault in these situations. Rasheeda says she would rather be by herself than have someone step all over her. Momma Dee is creating a potion, sorry cooking, and speaking to Scrappy about his conditional release. Scrappy with no shame tells us how he fails another drug test. Sigh. I mean shouldn’t your daughter be enough reason to at least wait till probation is over? Momma Dee brings up the whole Erica situation. She tells Scrappy that she just wants that ring off of Erica’s hands, she goes off on a tangent and even Scrappy had a look that was like “Wtf you talking about mama?”. He tells her he doesn’t want to deal with that anymore and Momma Dee says the palace doors are now open.

Traci is with her bf, SteroidNeyo and she tells him how Drew was acting jealous and how he wanted to meet up. The three of them are together – awkwardly I might add and Drew asks SteroidNeyo if he feels threatened by him and what his intentions are? These two are just a joke. Drew asks if he has any secrets to reveal and starts asking setup questions and Drew pulls up a mugshot of SteroidNeyo on his phone (that was just a bitch move though). Traci gets agitated and walks out the table when SteroidNeyo says he wouldn’t deal with the way Drew was coming at him. Traci tells us she has zero tolerance for lying. She confronts her “boo” and asks why he was lying. He explains that it happened a long time ago and he was 22 and young. He insists that he wasn’t trying to explain all this infront of Drew. Traci overreacts (in my opinion) and the “relationship”is ended on the sidewalk of a street.

We are introduced to Poppa J, Stevie J’s dad (Guys a parents in hiphop show might just work). Anyways, Poppa and Stevie J talk about Joseline and Joseline walks in and hugs his dad. Joseline asked what they were talking about and Poppa J says he was telling him to make a choice and choose a woman. Joseline says he needs a strong woman and he knows she is the one. Poppa J says he is behind it 110% and she is cute. Stevie says yea she is cute and all but he doesn’t know about committing forever. Poppa J says Joseline should take Stevie to Vegas and get him drunk. I have to say Joseline was right, we got to see a softer Stevie and it was just a nice scene. Mimi calls Kirk to talk about he and Rasheeda’s problems. Kirk said he wants to talk to someone who wouldn’t yell at him. Kirk says over time that she wasn’t making him feel appreciated and he wasn’t getting attention, so if she says go do you then he would listen. Kirk said “he may be wrong for doing what he did”. Mimi asks him if he is willing to fix his marriage or he is having fun? Kirk smiles and says yes I had fun. How insensitive. Mimi tells him that what he is looking at is divorce and is he able to look his children in the eye? (Kirk has 5 children yo!) She tells him to go talk to his wife and tell her exactly how he is feeling.

Krazy is still talking about her broken vajayjay with Mimi and Ariane. They speak about Ariane’s audition and Ariane said she is going to stand for what she believes in like music, mixology and women. The women are surprised and ask where? She says in her bed. She says she has been more passionate about women than men and she is interested in being with a woman. I am still not sure if she was coming out or just expressing a desire to be with a woman. Scrappy says he wants to go to counseling and wants to know if he has a marijuana problem. Scrappy tells the addiction specialist that it feels normal to be high and he needs it to calm himself down. The specialist recommends Scrappy being abstinent from weed and to seek individual counseling and Scrappy’s first words were “So I am a crazy guy now?”. Joselyn and Krayzie meet up for drinks and Joselyn tells Krayzie that she is in a good place and she feels she and Stevie are bonding. Krayzie tells Joselyn that she doesn’t know Stevie but if Stevie makes her happy then she should go ahead and just be happy. Krayzie brings up Karlie’s name and says she is doing a showcase. Krayzie invites Joselyn to it. Drama alert.

Jokesters, Traci and Drew are together and Drew says that he doesn’t want to be with Traci – after the relationship is over. Drew asks why it is over because of a small little lie and why she is bringing up something that happened 7yrs ago. Traci suddenly starts yelling about him apologizing. Drew says fine. He says he cheated while she was pregnant and she suddenly tears up. He tells her that she hasn’t moved on mentally and she needs to so she can move on and be happy because that’s what he wants for her. We are at Karlie’s showcase and Krayzie and Joseline walk in. sidebar- does Mimi know Krazy and Joselyn have been kicking it?  Karlie lipsynchs to some song on stage as Joseline makes fun of her in the audience. This Karlie, seems to have more fire in her confessionals than in person. In person, she just wants to be liked. Joseline tells her that the color of her hair makes her look younger and Karlie says she isn’t going to do that and she thought they were putting things in the past. Joselyn asks what she is going to do if she doesn’t keep it in the past.

Joselyn continues her marriage hunt and goes looking for a ring for Stevie a la Chrissy and Jimmy ( who I might add are still not married). Rasheeda and her mom are talking about the situation. Rasheeda tells her mom how he has called her to talk but she told him to come talk to her in person if he has something to say. Rasheeda tells her mom, she has decided to go see a lawyer and is tired of being the only one trying and she feels she is the only one hurt. Rasheeda’s mom is so upset and they are talking outside when stupid ass Kirk free wheels into the house as he says Mimi made sense and he is ready to come home. Rasheeda’s mom, not playing at all reverses into Kirk’s bike and drives forward and runs over it again as the bike catches fire. LMAOOOO. Kirk tries to feebly say it is a $7000 bike as Rasheeda’s mom asks “How you like that?”

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