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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 7

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 7 


The new quartet – Stevie, Joselyn, Benzino and his girl walk into the space for their new joint venture, Sleazy & Zino Bar and Grill. Joselyn gives them an idea to have a Joselyn night that would be like Studio 54. Her reasoning? She’s the baddest bitch. She will sing every night, hell maybe everyday. ZIno’s girl mousily chimes in to ask if she will have her own night too. Err. The Ladies walk away and Zino and Stevie chat and ZIno who has been looking for love since forever tells Stevie that Althea is the one. Stevie tells him that as his bro, he shouldn’t rush. Joselyn and Althea have their own time and Joselyn tells her that Zino is a good catch. Althea lets it slip that she used to date Nicko, who Joselyn calls Freako the porn star. She also tells us she isn’t surprised as she has heard that Althea gets around the block. Pretty Rasheeda continues her Kirk woes and tells us how Kirk isn’t happy about her trip to New Orleans. He says that he doesn’t think that it is a good idea and he doesn’t think she can afford it financially. Oh, all of this is at the doctor’s office at their son’s appointment. Kirk brings up the mouth kissing by his mother in law. The dr agrees that the baby’s immune system is low and as a precaution maybe no one should be kissing the baby on the mouth.

Dry couple Waka and Tammy are up and they are with Deb, Waka’s mom. Everyone was looking morose and we are informed that Waka’s brother and Deb’s son committed suicide. Waka can’t deal and walks away from the conversation. We get more details on his death and were told that he was losing his sight and was legally blind. Based on the picture, it looks like he suffered from Albinism. As Deb tells us more about how her son couldn’t deal with being in the shadow and needing help, a loud thunder clap goes off and dry Tammy jumps up and walks away deciding that she “can’t deal with this shit”. Yung Joc is on stage doing something that we are supposed to believe is a performance. Karli said she is there to support and in the next breath she talks to Kirk about Benzino and learns he has a new boo. She says she will always have a soft spot for him and she will support his opening and maybe even meet his new boo. Sigh. Anyhue, the Queen in the Game of Delusional is talking to scooters and says she calls Scrappy over and the least he can do is buy her one of them. They talk about the last disaster with Bambi and Erica P. Scrappy said he had time to clear his head and now he really doesn’t think that he and Bambi are meant to be together that she whines too much. His momma – the sole source of his women problems – tells him to beat it, stay single and have fun.

It’s the Sleazy & Zino opening and everyone is there. Even Shay, if I am not mistaken. Erica and Karlie walk in and somehow the convo ends up with us finding out that Benzino has a small penis and Karlie likes small penises. She says hello to Benzino with his new girl, Althea who feels it necessary to bring up the fact that Benzino changed his number because of Karlie. Althea also asks her if it is true that Karlie misses Benzino’s penis as heard by Kirk. Benzino goes to grab Kirk to confirm the story, shouting ensues, Karlie throws a drink at Althea. Benzino yells at security to escort the bitch out his club. Erica starts yelling at him asking who he is calling a bitch, as she is yelling Althea throws a drink at Erica. Joselyn says she is at VIP watching all this and isn’t surprised that Althea is in the middle of it all and if Ben-see-no doesn’t check her ass then she will. As Karlie is being dragged out, she keeps yelling “when Joc gets a hold of you..” like huh:?:/

Scrappy and Bambi are talking. Bambi says she is done with the whole situation and doesn’t deal with ratchet situations and has never been in a situation where somebody’s mom controls everything. Scrappy tells her that she complains too much and she slaps his hand away. Dawn, Mimi and Nicko are in public for their anniversary. Dawn introduces them as the first couple of adult entertainment. Mimi us angry – so she says. Nicko comes up to give a speech and focuses on the tape. Mimi is angry. Yawn, whatever.  Althea asked Benzino why they were invited to Mimi and Nicko’s party. He says he promised Dawn he would cover it. All of a sudden, Benzino asks about Nicko and how long ago it was. She says she was 16 and suddenly Benzino decides he is not going. He sends Dawn a message that he can’t make it. Nicko says that she’s his left overs and has been with Stevie and now Benzino. Because Mimi is there, of course Mimi brings up Stevie’s name. Nicko brings up how Althea contacted Nicko and it seemed like she wanted more than just business, apparently Mimi was not aware they were still in contact. Joselyn and Karlie are yucking it up which I am confused by because she just warned Althea about Karlie. Karlie tells her about Joc and how she went through Joc’s phone. Joselyn reiterates that you can’t trust any guy and she decides that she will go home and look through Stevie’s phone.

Deb is on a radio station promoting her new cause No RIP (Reckless Internet Posting) after finding out her deceased son spent a lot of time online defending his mom and brother. Joselyn and Stevie are talking about their impending wedding. Joselyn brings up their marriage and says should they be talking about a wedding or talking about whether they will stay married or get divorced. Stevie says she can take off her ring all day but his isn’t coming off, it is staying on. Stevie accuses her of being jealous and that’s what might make her lose him. Joselyn says she never had him and she is 27 and can start over and he goes back to his usual saying he made her and her career is over. He says he is done and Joselyn chants “Suck on your mama’s tiddays. Wah wah wah”

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