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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 12

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 12 

We pick up where we left off with Kirk and the two women going at it in bed (Although I have to say the whole “love scene” looked staged). Kirk tells us he has the time of his life and wondering what he just did. He says he has a lot to fix when he gets back but he doesn’t want to leave. Benzino tells him that it “wasn’t turnt up and he broke the knob”. Benzino says Kirk figuring things out this way is not the right way and he is still a married man. Kirk keeps mentioning this pass Rasheeda allegedly gave him but I am pretty sure this is not what she meant when she said “do you”. Benzino offers Kirk a room at his place cuz he is pretty sure Kirk is going home to face a “tsunami, earthquake, hurricane” and even though they had a great time last night was it really worth it?

Ariane and Krazy are in a wig shop and Krazy is getting ready for her new album and tells Ariane about her auditions for background singers. Ariane says she has an idea and offers to audition to be Krazy’s background singer. Krazy tells her that she’s not joking and it’s serious. Stevie and Mimi…yet again. Sigh. Stevie calls Mimi for lunch and when she arrives he even pulls the chair out for her.Now you know something is up. He tells her that dealing with him comes with its perks. He mentions how he took her shopping, Mimi quickly corrects him to say he called and asked her if she wanted to get something nice from the mall. Why does she keep jumping on his offers, knowing the type of guy he is?? Stevie reminds her that he got her a car and says he doesn’t get anything in return from her. She asks what he wants and he says he wants “Lettuce”

Ladies and Gents, the reason why you watch LAHHATL is to expand your vocabulary. As Mimi explains to us – Lettuce. Head of Lettuce. Get it? I can’t even…Stevie is not of human breed, I tell ya.

Anyways, Mimi hands over the keys and tells him she doesn’t want anything if he is going to hold it over her head. She walks out and calls a cab. Momma Dee says Scrappy says he and Erica need to come together and sort the finances to take care of Imani. Erica shows up and Momma Dee is on some long talk of being surprised that Erica was there for Scrappy. Erica says she has a deal with Scrappy regarding finances. Momma Dee says she wants to step in and take care of Imani and Erica says she’ll be damned if ratchet ass momma dee has anything to do with raising her kid. Momma Dee says Erica needs to leave the palace before she calls the guards. I can’t y’all. I can’t.

Umm DJ Drew is walking with flowers – in slo mo, I might add. Drew walks into Traci’s house and is apologizing about his behavior last week and how he is in shock that she has another guy. He offers to take both of them out to dinner. Now all of a sudden he can’t trust this guy with his son..sigh. Idiots the both of them. We see Krazy’s auditions and they were opened to everybody. We are treated to a montage of people auditioning to her song and then Ariane comes up. She already started with an excuse that she wasn’t feeling too good. So we weren’t expecting much. She was just ok. And one of the guys on the panel said “She sounded like a cat in heat”. The guy was being obnoxious and kept going at her saying even when Beyonce is sick she is on top of her game. Krazy put the kibosh on it and ended it.

So Erica decides to pawn her ring and even though Momma Dee agrees she can sell it, she also asks to come along for the sale. The jeweler tells her he can buy it back but she will never get it back but she can do a consignment in case she changes her mind. She discusses with Momma Dee and MD says if she is sure it’s over, she should just sell it. She finds out she gets $5000 more if she consigns and decides to do consignment. Momma Dee says she will be back to the store if she finds a man to put a ring on it *shudders*. Joselyn continues this new get engaged quest that she’s on that I find quite surprising. She has brought an unsuspecting Stevie househunting and Stevie tells her to stop pushing him. She says she doesn’t want to be 50 with grey hairs on her p***y, still waiting for him to put a ring it. He placates her and tells her he wants it all with her. Traci is hosting her event “Pretty Girls Rock” for abused women. May I just ask why the guests at these events usually look questionable? Naturally, Bambi is one of the models for the fashion section, Bambi invites Benzino, who invites Kirk and the busted looking girl Kirk hooks up with, Mary Jane is there also, really looking like she had had some Mary Jane. Bambi tells Traci that she missed out on the cabin party and they were all turnt ( That word was used at least 100 times this episode) Mary Jane gleefully offers the information that Kirk had a pass and she took it, making Traci scratch her head in confusion and leave with her SteroidNeyo boyfriend.

Scrappy is free and next thing I see is Momma Dee starting a speech by saying “Laties (not a typo) and Gentlemen..”. Erica decides to tell Scrappy herself that she pawned the ring and his first words were “It didn’t mean anything to you?” He did genuinely seem hurt but he can’t act hurt now after not acting right. Mama Mignon comes out gut all hanging out in a tied top, to protect her daughter and next thing you see people are being shoved, Momma Dee is yelling “Away with them bitches!!, Away with them bitches!!” Momma Dee says that what Scrappy needs to do is stay with the woman who always has his back “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairyest of them all? Me!” sigh guys. Couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Mama Mignon and Mama Dee are exchanging words and I have no idea what was being said. Erica and Mama Mignon leave the party. Resident town crier, Traci goes up to Rasheeda to relay what happened at her party and that she did, verbatim. This had Rasheeda in tears – oh she also said “if it was Halle Berry, a bitch could take it but not some ratchet one”. Kirk comes out as Traci and Rasheeda were talking and as Rasheeda starts talking to him, Traci leaves. Rasheeda is in tears as she asks Kirk whats going on and Kirk the Bastard stays on that train and acts like he didn’t do anything wrong saying that she told him to “do him” She says she hates him and Kirk asks why you gotta hate me? Kirk confesses to her that he slept with someone else and Rasheeda rants and raves and Kirk goes into the house and locks her out. Show ends with Rasheeda burning his clothes and Kirk running out to his car and driving away.

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1 Comment

  1. ladykash

    These people are killing me…like seriously! I absolutely cannot deal with Momma Dee!
    I think Erica was wrong for selling that ring…even if the engagement was over, at least not so soon. Is she trying to say she has absolutely no money in her bank account and she needed $15,000 so urgently? I could see how Scrappy would be hurt.
    Awww Rasheeda! I felt bad for her. Kirk is the biggest douche!

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