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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 13

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 13 


We begin this week with Mimi and Nicko the creep. Nicko is reading a tweet from Joselyn. Mimi is still faux stressing over the sex tape to Nicko as Nicko is creeping ear to ear saying they are trending and are the “biggest names in the world”. He reads a comment from Joselyn to her that says “if you are going to do porn on camera at least be a freak not a boring 45 year old” and Nicko says that she is mad and Mimi says that Joselyn has more miles. Mimi’s comeback is that she got paid and Joselyn did it for free. Naturally, Mimi switches gears and says Nicko is there for her after he asks for credit. Sigh.

Kalenna is recording in the studio with the beautiful Rasheeda. Rasheeda asks about Tony and Ashley and Kalenna gives her an update on how Ashley went home. She tells her she has a surprise for her and she is pregnant. She says that even though it’s not a great time, she recognizes that it’s a blessing. She tells us that when she was pregnant with her first child, her husband did not take it well and he actually stepped out and cheated on her. She is hesitant to tell him about the baby.

We’re watching Joselyn work out and getting those squats in with barely there shorts. She walks out and Stevie is waiting outside for her. He tries to hug her and Joselyn tells him he is not touching this for a long time. Stevie continues to deny having any relations with Althea and she pours a bottle of water on him and drives away.

Stevie and Benzino meet up and Benzino brings up the Mimi sex tape which Stevie calls the most boring sex tape of all time. Benzino tells Stevie that he has to admit that she is hot and she should be on the cover of the magazine. Stevie shuts it down immediately, saying he can’t celebrate Mimi’s sex tape and “all money ain’t good money” and it would push Joselyn off the cliff if Mimi got the cover. Scrappy is walking down some path, looking like Forrest Gump claiming to try and win Bambi back. I don’t even know what’s wrong with this guy. In 7 episodes he has had different feelings for Bambi, he needs to sort himself out. Scrappy asks what she wants out of life and out of this relationship. She says that she wants a clear and defined relationship. Scrappy tells her to make them a sandwich and pass the basket. She passes it and he tells her to shake the basket. She does and a ring falls out. Bambi asks wtf that is and Scrappy makes some love declaration and tells her that he loves her. I honestly don’t know if it was a proposal or not.

Tired ass Mimi is walking into Benzino’s office with Dawn. As usual, Mimi exaggerates everything and flip flops YET AGAIN, saying she has nothing to apologize for and it is what it is. She is elated that Benzino wants a piece of her now that’s she is hot. Benzino’s office is so sorry, it looks like a child’s play project. Somehow, they are popping champagne before he has even asked anything. When he does ask, Mimi asks for $10,000. Benzino says that they don’t pay to be on the cover and Mimi says she won’t do it and she is getting offers left, right and center. Benzino says that he doesn’t need her permission to put her on the cover and there is freedom of press. Mimi says she will sue the shit out of him if he does that.

Mimi is packing and we find out that her father had a stroke and isn’t doing well. Erica is still hurt and shaken by Mimi’s sex tape. She arranges to meet with Mimi to express how she feels. She comes to Mimi’s (empty) house and she tells her she doesn’t like and appreciate what she saw in the tape and she is hurt, angry and doesn’t appreciate it. Erica says it doesn’t look like a home video and why is she cool with it? Erica says that she should remember that everything she does affects everyone and she isn’t considering her daughter. Mimi says it benefits her family. Mimi finally tells her that her dad has a stroke and is dying and the tape is the last thing on her mind. Erica says she will put her feelings on the back burner and just be there for her friend.

Kalenna and Tony are at their studio and they are being told that their studio has mold and is harmful. She finally tells her husband that she is pregnant and her husband’s first words were “stop playing. How did that happen?” He takes it well and they admit that they need to move out and he will take care of her. Momma Dee meets up with Scrappy to get her scooter that she was promised if she stays out his relationships. These two need to figure out this borderline incestuous relationship. He drops a bomb on her and tells her that he gave Bambi a ring. Momma Dee loses it and says that he is not going to dethrone her in her own palace and Scrappy jumps in to say it is not an engagement ring more like a friendshippromiselove ring. Momma Dee, justifiably asks if Erica P is getting a ring too and Scrappy says no.

Ariane, Erica and Rasheeda were together and they talk about her dad and how he had to have an amputation. Ariane says she knows Mimi is going to be all defensive as Mimi joins them. Ariane and Rasheeda say that it looked like a movie not a sex tape. Mimi said “So you think I lied?” and Ariane says yes. She asks what Nicko’s demeanor was. Erica just continues to harp on Mimi’s daughter. Mimi continues her chorus that at the end of the day she has to do what she has to do. Ariane tells her to stop being defensive. Mimi says they are all judging her. Ariane starts to cry and she says it hurts her that Mimi will say something like that. Mimi says that the difference is she would keep her opinion to herself if Ariane dated someone she didn’t like. Erica cuts through and asks how her dad is. She says she needs to feel like she has people in her corner. Erica asks her to look her in the eye and say that she did not lie about everything she told them. Ariane says she feels like Mimi has lost herself and she hopes that Mimi isn’t lying to them.

Joselyn is angry that Mimi is on the cover and she goes to confront Stevie on what happened when she was supposed to be on the cover. Stevie says this is the first time he is seeing this. Joselyn doesn’t believe him and tells him that its disrespectful to have her in a magazine that his baby mama was on the cover. Stevie says he feels disrespected because it would appear Benzino went behind his back to put Mimi on the cover. We are left with a shot of Joselyn’s face from a piece of the magazine that she ripped up before storming out in anger.

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