Fall 2016 Shows I Am Planning To Check Out

There’s A LOT of tv shows on TV. I am usually uninspired by the fall lineups and have just a handful of shows listed but this year, I think I have more than a handful and it is definitely interesting because I don’t even know the premise for most of them. I just happened to […]

My Thoughts on some Netflix Original Shows…[Part 1]

With the success of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Netflix went H.A.M and decided to double, if not triple the number of original works they had on their platform ( I almost said Network). I haven’t been able to watch all of it because honestly, they really did dump a whole […]

50 Most Watched TV Shows in the 2014/2015 TV Season

This list was retrieved from EW. These are the top 50 shows watched on broadcast tv in the last tv season. It’s a little sad to see how American Idol has fallen (#41 – although it’s the result show and the main show is now #29) It’s still a mighty dip for what used to […]

20 Highest Rated Shows [DVR viewership included]

Ratings.Ratings.Ratings. It’s all the Networks (and I suppose advertisers) are concerned about. Everyone’s been talking about how cable has been trouncing network tv in ratings. I even said a little something about the demise of network tv. Seems the Fall of 2014 has brought about some good luck and I might have to eat my […]

Netflix Instant Releases: October 2014

  TV SHOWS Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series Hostages: Season 1 (show is cancelled now so just this season) Reign: Season 1 The Vampire Diaries: Season 5 The Originals: Season 1 The Following: Season 2 Hart of Dixie: Season 3 Raising Hope: Season 4 Supernatural: Season 9 Arrow: Season 2 The Tomorrow People: Season 1 […]

2014 Highest Paid TV Actors

….according to Forbes.   9.  Bryan Cranston – $8 million 8.  Josh Radnor, Charlie Sheen and Jon Hamm – $10 million 7.  Johnny Galecki and Jason Segel – $11 million 6.  Jim Parsons – $12 million 5. Simon Baker – $13 million 4.  Tim Allen – $15 million 3.  Kevin Spacey, Patrick Dempsey and Neil […]

Fan Friday – Salem

I heard about this series through a colleague, we both were talking about the series we watch and how amazing they are and she repeatedly squealed about this series,“Salem”. Strange name, I kept thinking to myself and then I asked her for the story-line, she explained and it caught my attention. So apparently, the series […]

5 Best Current TV Characters

So EW did a list of their 25 best characters on TV right now. I will list out the characters that made the cut for you to see. I also decided to go one step further and pick my favorite 5 of those listed. This was way harder than I anticipated but first here are […]

Critics Choice Television Awards – Nominees

I gotta say, I am pretty damn pleased by these nominees. I love when the usuals aren’t always nominated and good work is recognized. Best Drama Series The Americans (FX) Breaking Bad (AMC) Game of Thrones (HBO) The Good Wife (CBS) Masters of Sex (Showtime) True Detective (HBO) Best Comedy Series The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Broad City (Comedy Central) Louie (FX) Orange Is […]

My current guilty pleasure – The People’s Couch

The People’s Couch is yet another pseudo-reality show from Bravo. The premise is basically watching people watch tv. See just that and you just assume it is boring. At least that is what I thought when I first heard it and decided it was a flub (or maybe subconsciously I was just jealous people were […]

Double Take

Even actors have to pay the mortgage, below are some actors who are playing double duty and are on more than 1 show at the same time. Got any others?