Some Takeaways From Avengers: Infinity War

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Even though we had warning about this monumental movie, I still feel like it snuck up on us. We’ve barely come off the high of Black Panther, and then we had to move on to this. I am sure you guys know by now but I always make it a point to preface every super hero write up of mine by letting you know that this is not my forte, so I state my opinion as a non-comic book aficionado.

A lot of people have asked if you have to have watched all the preceding Marvel movies before watching this and I don’t think you have to. And I say this as someone who has probably seen only maybe 5/6 of the movies and even the ones I have seen, I don’t remember in its entirety.  If you do decide you want to watch a select few, the ones that seemed to be the important ones were Thor and Civil War.

That being said, even though I had a few questions here and there, I don’t think it affected my enjoyment of the movie. While I did not have the really strong, over-the-top emotion to the ending that people on social media seemed to have, I still really enjoyed it (dare I say, I preferred it to Black Panther?)It was definitely intense and really had a lot going on but it had a good amount of everything – humor, fight scenes, emotion, rapport etc. and with so many of the marvel-verse characters, you are spoiled for choice on picking a fave and following their story.

So, due to my baby knowledge and lack of movies watched, I decided to do this differently and instead of reviewing it, I’ll just share some observations and thoughts I had while watching the movie.

  • I found it hilarious seeing most of the male superheroes being much older, while the females were younger. I mean Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) is 29 and Paul Bettany (Vision) is 46.
  • Speaking of Elizabeth Olsen, I love how she has made her career her own. So much so you forget that she is the younger sister of the Olsen twins.
  • Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Scarlett Johansson’s character (Black Widow) a red head? Why was she blonde in this movie?
  • When Captain America and Thor came on screen there was applause in my theater. When I heard the anticipatory Wakanda beat, I wanted to clap with glee but there was silence 🙁
  • Gosh, Chris Pratt’s character (Star-Lord) was so annoying. Geez. I couldn’t finish the first GOTG movie
  • Josh Brolin was fantastic as Thanos. Thanos was a worthy villain. Wait, does worthy villain make sense? When Star-Lord called his chin “nut-sac looking”, I died. I saw him as a Hausa man with his tribal marks.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch was so sexy as Dr. Strange and Tom Holland as Spiderman, what a win. I found it so cute how he always called Iron Man “Mr. Stark”. His “crumbling” was the most touching for me, he really didn’t wanna go 🙁
  • Umm, that bulge Chadwick Boseman was serving us in Wakanda wasn’t there in Black Panther, right?
  • Peter Dinklage has done well for himself career wise
  • Poor HawkEye, where was he?
  • Every time I see Don Cheadle as War Machine, you just know that Terrence Howard is somewhere kicking himself.
  • The Hulk needs to redeem himself.
  • Umm, if I had to pick one super hero to go fight with me, I am taking Thor. Who would you take?

Have you seen the movie? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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