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Who is Tracie Thoms?

Who is Tracie Thoms? 

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Character actors are having a boom right about now. If you don’t know, a character actor is an actor you see everywhere but they aren’t famous and you cannot for the life of you remember their name. There’s just so much TV now that there’s work everywhere. Nowadays, it is not unusual to see character actors on more than one show.

Cue, Tracie Thoms! Tracie has been around for a minute but has never quite made it to the big leagues. Remember when she hosted Catfish, that one time? She’s been on a couple of shows I’ve watched recently and maybe you have seen her too. Tracie plays a lot of gay characters but has not publicly identified as gay. As her twitter bio states, she is an LGBTQ ally.

As Susan Cheryl on “Love”
As Karen on “9-1-1”
As Fiona on Unreal

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