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I picked one thing for three different audiences:

  • Love ft. Marriage & Divorce: I have so many friends who have tried to get me into K-dramas. I tried, I really did and I could just never get into them. I heard a little chatter about this one and a number of people were in my mentions to try it, so I did. I honestly don’t know why I am sticking with this one because I find myself rolling my eyes a lot but for those who are used to the Kdrama culture it’s probably worth checking out. (Netflix)
  • The Little Things: Denzel. Rami. Jared. That’s a stacked list if you ask me. Thanks or no thanks to Covid we get to see movies at home now. Two police offers hunt for a serial killer but this hunt is dredging up secrets of the past for one of the officers. I’ll be joining you guys in watching this, check back on the blog for my thoughts on it (HBO Max)
  • Love & Marriage Huntsville: My fellow reality show lovers, Season 4 of this hidden gem returns with the Holts ACTUALLY going through divorce proceedings with Melody hinting that Martell has a baby on the way (OWN)
  • Palmer: Justin Timberlake plays a man who is just getting out of prison and living with his grandma. He forms a bond with the 7 year old that his Grandma is taking care of (Apple +)
  • Wendy Williams: The Movie: Lifetime has decided to corner the market on black pop culture characters. Following the Salt n Pepa movie from last week, this week follows the love her or hate her character, Wendy Williams, ,who is directly involved with the movie. We know not to expect top shelf quality. Just tune in for a good (bad acting) time (Lifetime)
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