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Some Thoughts On The #LoveIslandReunion

Some Thoughts On The #LoveIslandReunion 

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We had to wait almost a week since the winners were announced last week but the reunion finally aired today. I have made my peace that the UK does reunions different and don’t dive into the nitty gritty but it doesn’t take away the disappointment that I have usually experienced from the past reunions. I did have some thoughts that I thought I’d share and see what you guys think:

  • It’s been 5 seasons and it’s still so amazing how much Caroline Flack sucks as a host. Really grates on my nerves the way she ends every segment with a shout – AMBER AND GREG EVERYBODY! Ugh.
  • Ian Sterling the narrator is really so amazing. He’s a huge part of Love Island’s success. I like that he gets a segment every reunion.
  • Amy looked really good. It’s so weird but you kinda expect Amy to be grandma-ish but she is a total babe.
  • It’s so awkward when they bring the exes up together. Watching Amy, Curtis and Maura together was so awks. I think Maura’s comment was a tad dismissive of Amy. Didn’t get any sense of remorse from her. She is still my girl though!
  • Curtis’s comment was one of hoping to still be friends with Amy and it set the trend for the rest of dickheads that came up on the stage. What is with the obsession with staying friends?
  • A friend asked if I thought any of the finalists would stay together. They never do but I said absolutely not. The best chance I see is Ovie and India and even then I am not convinced.
  • Ovie and India’s segment ended with oh they hung out at Amber’s birthday party and noone saw it as a segue way to Amber and Ovie’s friendship. Boo.
  • There is no way Anton and Belle are together. Their segment was hella hella awkward.
  • Speaking of, the whole Anton and Molly Mae unfollow issue? Call me crazy but I get where Anton is coming from. Looks like he is still salty and he just never liked the girl, he has the right to unfollow who he wants to.
  • Why is Jourdan so pretty?
  • Molly Mae and Tommy look like love but they’re 20 so yea…
  • I want to hope for Greg and Amber but I am not confident. He is such a great guy but something seems off. Amber’s dad is such a delight.

Overall, the reunion fell flat for me. I am exhausted at the thought of an extra season of Love Island to be set in South Africa. Don’t they know we have other stuff to watch?

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