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Netflix’s Most Binged Show of 2018
On My Block

Netflix’s Most Binged Show of 2018 

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Netflix does not reveal its ratings numbers to the public so as a consolation price, they let us know which shows of theirs was the most binged. Which is to say the highest average watch time per viewing session based on only the United States. Here are the top 10 binged shows, in order:

1. On My Block – Absolutely loved this show. So good!
2. Making a Murderer: Part 2 – I gotta say this was much slower and not as captivating as season 1, but it was a whole lot of counter evidence from Steven Avery’s new lawyer trying to get an appeal
3. 13 Reasons Why: Season 2 – it was okay
4. Last Chance U: INDY – new school, new (crazy!) coach. still a good show. I have recommended it before here
5. Bodyguard – so good. I have recommended it here
6. Fastest Car – Umm, I have never heard of this show before
7. The Haunting of Hill House – too much of a scaredy cat to watch but I have only heard good things!
8. Anne with an E: Season 2 – haven’t watched
9. Insatiable – It got so much flack before it even dropped. The few eps I watched were not bad so i guess, suck it haters
10. Orange Is the New Black: Season 6 – what a mess of a season


The 3 most rewatched movies were: The Kissing Booth, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Roxanne, Roxanne.

Anything on the list surprise you?



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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Never even heard of On My Block. Tired Haunting of Hill House, meh, couldnt finish. Loved Bodygaurd , Last Chance U. Havent seeen the rest or tried and didnt finish , making a murdered 2.

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