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What I’ve Watched Lately…

What I’ve Watched Lately… 

I have had this post on drafts for some time which is why some of the material might be dated. There is so much material out there that I can barely keep up. It’s almost like COVID didn’t happen and Hollywood is making up for lost time.

Here are my thoughts on some things I watched:

  • Fatherhood: This sweet movie starring Kevin Hart is the story of a man who is forced to be a single father after his wife dies from childbirth complications. I didn’t even know Kevin Hart had it in him to pull back and not be so on all the time. I kinda think DeWanda Wise was miscast in that it was almost like she was an R in a PG situation. Also, why didn’t the dad in the movie have no lines? Give this a watch, it was a pleasant surprise. (Netflix)
  • LadyBoss: This documentary chronicles the life of famed author, Jackie Collins. We get commentary from her sister, Joan, her kids and her friends. While we get a glimpse of her personal life and the many losses she endured, I still found the documentary a tad boring. (CNN)
  • In The Heights: I was really looking forward to this movie when it was supposed to premiere last year. It was a fun watch and had its catchy tunes but I am probably in the minority of people who thought it was just okay. I am happy to see a movie have Latino representation. Also great to see Anthony Ramos get the shine he deserves (HBO Max)
  • Physical: Rose Byrne stars in this show as a housewife who has issues with her body and is in an endless cycle of binge eating and working out to stay thin. She discovers aerobics and finds a way to balance being an aerobics teacher and supporting her fragile husband who is running for State Assembly. Set in the 80’s, Rose Byrne does a good job of conveying the self loathing and negative talk that might be familiar to most but other than that I think the show is an acquired taste. (Apple TV+)
  • This is Pop: This delightful docuseries picks a moment or persons in pop history and gives an account of their journey. Some examples were the Brit-Pop era, Autotune and Tpain’s involvement, Swedish producers being major players in pop music to name a few. It was fun watching and hearing all the behind the scenes story and was reminiscent of the VH1 show Behind the Music (which is making a comeback btw!) (Netflix)

Have you watched any of these or do any of these sound intriguing? Let me know in the comments!

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