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My Thoughts On “Little”

My Thoughts On “Little” 

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Little is about 38 year old, wealthy Jordan Sanders who is a terrible human being. She was humiliated as a young kid and swore to never be put in that position again. She treats everyone around her horribly and has no regard for anyone besides herself. She is particularly mean to her assistant, April and one day a little girl overhears Jordan berating April and puts a spell on her to be little again.

Jordan wakes up the next day as a 13 year old who can’t take advantage of all that she has aka her fancy car and her extensive wardrobe. April is the only one who knows the truth and helps her hide the truth from the world and run her company while they try to track down the little girl to reverse the spell. A lot of things happen in between, including little Jordan making friends with the outcasts in her school. She learns a life lesson, turns herself around and becomes a good person.

This was a terrible movie.

It just felt flat all around. There were so many one liners thrown around but most of the time they didn’t stick. I will admit that while I did not laugh, most of the people around me were cackling. Little had a strong cast. Regina Hall was great as usual, even if she spent most of it barking. Issa Rae was actually the best of the bunch for me but I think it’s gonna be hard for her to come out of the shadow of her Awkward Black Girl/Issa (from Insecure) characters. I keep seeing them whenever I see her in a role.

Marsai Martin is a strong actress and if you have watched Blackish you know this already. The story is that she pitched this story when she was 10 year old and has executive producer credit on this movie. She was convincing enough as an adult in a tween’s body but it was a little off because most of it was trying to match Regina Hall’s barking and hardness. It was a little uncomfortable to watch the scenes of her being flirty with her teacher (played by Justin Hartley) and her booty call (Luke James – did not understand the purpose of his character. It was cringey). I can’t wait for her to be an adult and come into all the talent that she has.

The movie just never got comfortable with itself to become a smooth ride. It was just bumpy and everything felt forced. Even the wardrobe. I really wanted this movie to be good but unfortunately, it fell short.

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