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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 10

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 10 

Mimi and Karli are together cuz Karli requested to talk. This time about Nicko, cuz you know..she has a reputation to maintain as the resident town gossip.She tells her a story of Nicko asking for her info with proof on her phone and she asks Mimi what is going on. Stevie calls Joseline to talk, saying that he may have been harsh on her. He also says that Mimi is a thard nut to crack but Joseline is putty in his hands. He asks her if she missed him and with a coy smile, she nods and he kisses her as she says “you know I did”. Stevie said that he is tired of fighting and they need to check their egos and attitudes at the door and Joseline started crying. Cue the stevie move, where he goes to wipe her tears. Joseline admits to acting tough but the last 2 weeks without Stevie have been hard. He tells her that no major labels are knocking down the door for them so they have to go independent. Joseline says she makes a lot of money and if anyone can make it happen, it’ll be her. They pinkie swear and Joseline says,  “Bonnie and Clyde again?” to which Stevie responded with, “Obama and Michelle”- on behalf of every citizen of America, we apologize for that comparison Mr and Mrs Obama. Then Stevie gives her a look that lasted way too long and made me want to yell “aaand cut!”

Mimi goes to Nikko’s house, umm I thought they were done on the last episode? Nicko implies that Mimi and Stevie were plotting against him and that’s why she and Stevie wore white and he gave her a white car. Mimi interrogates him about Karli and their fight and while she was talking, Nikko goes, “are you finished?” He also asked her if he was a rebound. He kicked her out and as she leaves Nikko asks, “so you don’t want a threesome with me you and Karli?” Mimi walks back and asks him what he just said and he goes what did you hear? They exchange words nose to nose, Mimi style and Mimi says this is the end of their relationship. Erica says Scrappy calls her to the courthouse. She wonders why he is calling her instead of his “ratchet hoes”. She shows up and Momma Dee goes, “you called her? really?”. Scrappy explains his legal woes as he got into some probation troubles. He claims that his probation officer says his urine was cold and didn’t accept it. Karli and Tracy are at Karli’s hair salon that’s about to launch

Sidebar – why is Karli always talking like she is fighting someone in her confessional?

Anyways, Tracy gives a smile and reveals that her crush finally asked her out on a date. Halleluyaaaah! Traci is dating again! Rasheeda decides to talk to Deb Antney and saying that she wants to separate her personal and business. She tells the lady that she is pregnant and also says she want to shoot the video to her song “Hit it from the back” *blank stare*. Rasheeda tries to say that the industry is now accepting of pregnant women working and Deb gives her a “who?” look, Rasheeda makes the mistake of bringing up Beyonce’s name, she sees the look on Deb’s face and quickly corrects herself by saying “Beyonce is Beyonce, let’s not get it twisted”. They’re in church and Ariane continues her quest for peacemaking. Krazy hits the mic in tears and sings. In the church parking lot, Krazy apologises to Mimi and says she shouldn’t have hit her because it was someone that she loved, as Ariane cries in the background. I should say “cries” cuz I sho didn’t see any tears in her eyes or on her face. Mimi says she has nothing to say and stands there stonefaced saying she has been through a lot and maybe at a later date they can bury the hatchet.

Scrappy goes back to the lawyer where he is told that a warrant was filed for his arrest. To which Scrappy decides that it’s a conspiracy, err pls take responsibility. Traci goes on a date and she walks in and her date isn’t there. Her date – who looks like like a cross between Neyo and Todd Bridges (Thanks Ephraim) with tattoos all over his neck up to his chin, pulls up in a horse and carriage and the date seems to go well as they laugh and talk and she tells him that she has trust issues so he knows what he is getting into. Stevie, Mimi and their daughter go on a family date at the botanical gardens, he cracks a joke that Mimi doesn’t have her fauxlex. She tells him that the relationship is over. Stevie says he doesn’t want to lose her as a friend and she says he will always be her baby’s dad and he just needs to handle his responsibilities. He says which is what? makins sure everytime she sticks her hand out he gives? Mimi says she is not a handout – but she takes beamers though. Their scene ends with Eva saying “Daddy is the problem” Way to give the little girl a headstart.

Rasheeda is shooting her video . First line of song- “I am so hot fire coming out my asshole” and Kirk walks in still on his jerk tip and even saying that he wants to strangle her but he didn’t. He also tells her that he will take her name off the account tomorrow. The convo seems to end with them breaking up? But with LAHHATL you can never tell. Deb Antney tells her that she is making the wrong decision and Rasheeda says something so hilarious “I am trying to make the best decisions but I can’t make them by myself” Antney gives it to her 100 and tells her that the video is not good and she could have done something else like her hair and make up line or working in the studio till after the pregnancy. Rasheeda isn’t listening and says she isn’t being supportive. Karli’s launch is going on and Traci and Erica are talking and Shay walks in. Traci says she wants them to be women and talk it out. Erica says my problem with you is that you wont keep my name out your mouth and Shay starts yelling and it becomes a yell fest. Shay reaches out to Erica and security comes in and takes Shay out. Shay has accidentally scratched herself with her bracelet and is bleeding. She is kicking and screaming bloody murder outside as security leads her away. And once again, another episode ends with a fight

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