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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Season 4 Episode 5

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Season 4 Episode 5 

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A1 and Cisco are hanging out and Moniece and Nia walk in. They knew where he was due to him posting his location on social media. They came to confront him for taking Teairra to the detox place when they had discussed with him their plans to take her to rehab. Cisco suddenly gets defensive and says he won’t be attacked that he is not doing anything. Moniece is in tears as she lets Cisco know that she takes this personally because she has experienced this and she is worried about her friend but Cisco isn’t listening and is barking about them not doing anything. A1 says he actually agrees with Moniece .

Hazel is in a photo shoot and her boyfriend, Rose Burgundy is in the way and she lets it slip that she pays the bills for both of them. They have a conversation where it’s clear that Rose is salty about Hazel being the biggest “star” of both of them and she needs to step up and start boosting his career – I just…I would never even make this convo public. Creature Lucci is doing a radio interview when Alexis Skyy barges in heated and yells at him about his baby mama coming to attack her. They get into a war of words with Alexis saying how she doesn’t care for him and Lucci saying she basically gets around the block and everyone knows that.

Safaree and Chanel are in the studio and somehow they’ve fast forwarded to talking about a video. Hazel walks in on them chatting and Safaree has asked for her help in her image. Hazel throws some jabs saying she didn’t know she did real hip hop rap but she looks hippy and that would be the look they go for. Chanel lets her know that she is opinionated but is down to work with her. Keyshia continues mingling with the cast and is getting massages with Nia and Masika and they talk about Masika’s event while Nia updates them on Teairra and Cisco’s situation. Keyshia expresses her discomfort at talking about someone else’s addiction when they aren’t there.

Cisco tells Teairra how her friends came to him to tell him about her problem. For some reason, Teairra gets mad at Cisco and asks what he said to defend her? And then it veers into Cisco saying she is questioning what they have but she needs to realize her friends are not her friends and they are probably jealous of her. She goes up to Moniece’s house where Nia per usual is conveniently at the house. Teiarra asks them why they didn’t come to her first vs. going to Cisco. She insists that she doesn’t have a problem she just sometimes drinks excessively. Moniece says she doesn’t think Cisco has her back and Teairra says she doesn’t care but they should not have conversations about her when she isn’t there.

A1 and Keyshia are finally working together and Lyrica walks in. Lyrica says working with Keyshia isn’t the problem but she is hurt that he is shutting her out now that he is having his moment, when they used to be a team back in the day. She mentions how back in the day, she believed in him and always used to stand up for him and bring him in. At this point, she is in tears and she walks out while A1 seems taken aback. She walks back in and tells him that if she walks out again she might walk out her marriage. She says it’s great he is on top but his successes are temporary but their marriage is permanent. A1 sincerely apologizes and invites her to every session that he has.

It’s Chanel’s video session and Safaree’s struggle, double hairline is in attendance as Hazel tells him that the video is her vision and Chanel should focus on being the star. Hazel brings her boyfriend as the “bae” in the video. They start going back and forth as Chanel turns down Hazel’s ideas. Hazel gets nasty and puts hands on Chanel to get her out but security steps in and separates them. And then I get confused because all of a sudden Hazel is doing choreography with the dancers. huh?

Cisco has a new “friend” and gives lingerie to someone called Amber Diamond who is already asking him if he loves her. So I am guessing, he is done with Teairra, as he lets us know he wasn’t down with the drama and there’s only so much crying and drama a man can take. Masika and Zell are getting pedicures and Zell apologizes to her for acting like a fool at her launch party. Ray walks in and before he could get words out Zell jumps at him until security steps in and we see Zell is bleeding.

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