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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 6

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 6 

Episode begins with Stevie calling Mimi to meet up and talk about their daughter – these people must not have phones. He immediately starts asking questions about her new guy. They allegedly were here to talk about their daughter. How many minutes in and they still hadn’t spoken about her. They finally get to her for all of 2 seconds before disussing their matching tattoos. Conversation ends with Stevie tells her he never gives up. Annoying Tracy comes up on screen to catch up with Shay. I can see why they are friends, Shay is still talking about Scrappy and we all know Tracy and her groupie problem. Tracy lets us know she is crazy that she has bust windows, beat up girls etc because she was in pain. Ironic that she tells Shay to let it go and move on. Well they do say its easier to give advice than practice it. Lots of fire in the next scene as the fireplace is blazing and candles are being lit. It’s Rasheeda and Kirk together, talking about their rough patch. Lots of arguing and Rasheeda finally tells him she is pregnant. And his first words were “The timing’s not right”. I have to say it was sort of hard to watch and I felt for Rasheeda cuz Kirk just didn’t seem to be understanding and seemed to be placing blame and they just seemed to be at an impasse. The good news is, the place didn’t catch fire.  Bad news is the convo didn’t end well and lets hope this footage is burned for their future child’s sake.

Shay and Momma Dee are together – really, Shay needs more friends. They are talking over some cake she has got for her son. The EOE, End of Engagement cake. She explains to Shay that “Scrappy has left the batcave” and she is picking up after his mess as usual. Shay asks what she is celebrating? and Momma Dee says “coming into the castle”, she also tells her that she asked Scrappy to come over. Shay for good measure says her relationship with Scrappy is “O-V”. That apparently spells over. Scrappy comes in and Momma Dee tells him that he got him a cake to celebrate and
even got it “engraved” :/.  Scrappy tells her she needs to step back and stop being so controlling and involved in his relationship. Scrappy says she is being selfish and can’t believe she is taking joy in something that’s hurting him. While they are bickering, Shay listens for sometime and after a while she walks over and just cuts herself  a piece of cake. Sidebar: how about Shay’s boobs in the confessional? Them things are having their own confessionals. Tracy agrees to interview girls for the store, she walks in and immediately says all the girls are hos. During the interview, one of the girls says she is a video girl, Tracy calls her a ho and basically catches an attitude. To be fair, Drew’s questions were not professional. Asking about ethnicity, tattoos and pictures . As they are discussing the candidates and Traci is expressing her displeasure, she asks them to leave and one of them asks if they were dating and another calls her a hater and informs Tracy that she is educated and beautiful and does Tracy have a degree? Tracy pretty much jumped out her seat ready to fight. Drew had to hold her back. Sigh.

Stevie walks up to a house that looks like it should be an edible house in Hansel & Gretel. Turns out this blue house belongs to Che ‘Mac. Stevie says he knows Prison Girl was acting crazy last time but he still sees something in her and is checking up on her cuz her house got broken into. She does apologize for her behavior the last time they met. Stevie says he would like to work with her and chick bursts into tears and says she is frustrated that noone wants to work with her. Stevie wipes her tears and goes out to bring the 42inch TV he purchased for her. He says he wanted to bring a smile to her face and to let her know that “if she acts right, she could be smiling for a long time”. Mimi decides to remove the last reminder of Stevie by covering up the identical tattoo she had with him. She covers it up with roses. Scrappy meets up with his dad (who is a preacher) to complain about his mom’s actions. His dad says his mom might be the problem. Stevie and Joseline have their weekly conversation about “other bitches” and their work. Stevie truly just starts playing the guitar as she speaks but bad ass Joseline shushes him and tells him to listen. That she needs to be the only person he works with. He tells her that ‘Mack.

Tracy meets up with her sister to get “it straight”.  Her sister does do that and says she is like their mother chasing their dad with a machete and it is not a good idea to go into business with him. Somehow, Tracy said she needs to think about this because Drew has been succesful.

Mimi yaps on about being on a winning streak since Nikko came into her life and she doesn’t want it to end. sigh this woman always sounds like a bad actress reading a poorly written script. Mimi, Adrianne and Krazy Michelle turn up on set for Nikko’s video shoot and while they are getting ready, Mimi plays the song for them. Krazy Michelle asks why Johnny (we found out many minutes later that Johnny is Johnny Crome, a rapper?) is rapping about girls when he likes guys. Mimi defends him. Krazy says she is not homophobic but just has a problem with down low brothers who are straddling the fence. Johnny so happens to be at the door and overhears what she says but said nothing. Krazy says she just hopes she doesn’t look like a “$2 ho on an iPhone 5 video shoot”. The girl is crazy but she has the best one liners. Johnny comes up to Krazy and brings up the gay talk, everyone gets a bit heated. Adrianne asks them not to attack her, Nikko asks her to leave and Krazy brings out Decibel 100 and tells him not to get upset about his roomate. Nikko tells her she needs to be on his good side and that’s why she can’t get a man. No really, who and how does one date k michelle? Mimi finishes her scene and comes back to meet this argument. She finds her inner gangsta and just starts popping out the mouth in incoherent sentences about bullshit everytime she tries to have something and why can’t it be about her for once. Adrianne not wanting to be left out, steps up to Mimi and asks her who she is yelling at and she shouldn’t yell at her. All the while, surprisingly Krazy was at the door being quiet *gasp*. She eventually comes and grabs Adrianne away. In a blink if you miss it moment, the faces of the people aka extras in the background are hilarious. Their faces all read “wtf is going on right now?”. Nikko tries to calm Mimi down as she continues to spout incoherent, bleeped out sentences. And so ended the episode yet again, with a fight.

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  1. Lohi

    My fave scene was that mini scene. Lord I laughed somuch! And Nikko Trynna calm her down with his “look at me….this is my shit” hilarious for days!!!

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