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Suits: Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

Suits: Season 4 Episode 1 Recap 

(Recap for this season will be done by guest writer, Nana)

Suits is back ladies and gentlemen! Even though it seems like we just left the good folks at Pearson Specter, Suits is already back for another season. It’s good to have the crew back together again and I’m excited to see where this season is going to go. The show has received a much-needed shakeup with Mike’s new career as an investment banker, however we are still very much keeping up with affairs at Pearson Specter.

We open up with Mike firmly settled into his new role as a banker and his relationship with Rachel is also going smoothly. Our main characters are enjoying their “morning meetings” (i.e. sex) and everybody is in a fantastic mood. Harvey is enjoying himself with an anonymous Scottie substitute and even Jessica’s getting in on the act with a mystery lover. Harvey and Mike’s bromance is one of my favorite male friendships on television right now and it’s nice to see that the show is keeping this going even though they now work in different fields.

Unfortunately, this halcyon state of affairs is not meant to last and Mike and Harvey are quickly pitted against each other in a case I’m not quite sure I fully understand (I watched the episode twice). However, the case is incidental and all we need to understand is that the show has engineered a way for Mike and Harvey to be at odds with each other and to introduce a new client, Logan Sanders, who will come into play later.

We are also introduced to Jeff Malone, an SEC investigator who alerts Jessica and Harvey to the fact that they are in line for an investigation after last season’s shenanigans and alleged bribery charges. Oh, and Malone is also Jessica’s mystery lover who also happens to be angling for a job at Harvey Specter. All caught up? Let’s proceed….

Although I enjoy Harvey and Mike’s bromance, I do like the fact that Mike’s new job and increased position in life has enabled him to grow some balls. He’s finally comfortable standing up to Harvey and I’m sure the show will engineer many more faux conflicts between the two of them before the season is over. As long as these two knuckleheads always find a way to kiss and make up, I’m fully on board.

More interesting is the rare peek into Jessica’s personal life. Malone (played by D.B. Woodside) is entirely convincing as a man Jessica Pearson would be interested in and by the episode’s end, Jessica has given in to Harvey’s wishes and offered him a job, but under the caveat that they cease their personal relationship. I’m sure I’m not the only one who let out a hearty “yeah right” to that. The show also hints at some sexual tension between Harvey and Jessica and it’s an interesting option they may choose to explore further down the line.

What didn’t work for me was Louis’s storyline. I feel like we’ve been here countless times before with how underappreciated Louis is at the firm and I would like the show to take the character in a new direction. Alas, Rachel is still Rachel but the revelation that Logan Sanders is the married man with whom she had an affair sets up some nice scenarios for the upcoming season. Maybe we’ll finally get some answers as to how a part-time paralegal and law student can afford fresh off the runway clothes and accessories….

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