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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 12

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 12 


We begin with Mimi and her daughter. She is taking her to be with Stevie and finally this much talked about sex tape is being released today and she is saying how embarrassed she is and is hurt that it will affect her. She said she doesn’t know how she will explain to her daughter one day but she knows she had to take control of the situation. She repeats this again over and over as her cute daughter says she wishes she could see her mommy and daddy together at the same time. Stevie says he isn’t going to waste any time on this situation and will just be there for his daughter. Stevie has got a bouncy house for his daughter and plays around with her and it really was a cute moment.

Joseline walks in, boobs first going on a shopping spree. She says she is shopping to go out of town because she is tired of Stevie. She “conveniently” receives a call from K.Michelle who tells her to come down and visit. Kirk listened to his mother in law and is throwing Rasheeda an apology party. The gang is there and Althea walks in in what looks like a diaper. Poor Bobby Valentino pops out to sing for Rasheeda. Kirk comes up to give a speech and apologizes to Rasheeda’s mom and replaces her sunglasses. Benzino and Bobby V come up and apologize too. He presents her with a beautiful necklace and also a (what I assume a rented VH1 sponsored) car that read “Just Apologized”. She gives a speech and says she accepts his apology.

Althea makes a comment about Karlie being around and Benzino calms her down saying he doesn’t want trouble. He goes over and says hello to them. Scrappy and his Momma continue their relationship and she tells him that what he did was not wise and as a man he should have walked away. He tells her that he needs to apologize to her and she wants to invite her over. Althea apologizes to Erica and suddenly Karlie jumps in that she owes her an apology too and Althea says “not really” and the back and forth begins. Althea gets angry and asks Erica if she was going to apologize or not and Erica says she is not. She turns all the way up and Benzino drags her out the party as Karlie says that she needs to be quiet because of the stuff she has on her. Althea says she has the ring and eff you to Karlie.

Erica P and Momma Dee are together and Scrappy walks in. Erica starts and surprisingly starts by apologizing to him??? I mean, she was the one that got hit! Anyways, all this while its all spoken in code because they never actually mentioned that he hit her. Remember the scene was blacked out. Momma Dee leaves and Scrappy apologizes again to her. Erica P says she was shocked that he apologized and it’s a first step. Stevie is playing his guitar as Joseline packs a suitcase and walks out as Stevie chases after her. He once again says he never slept with Althea. Joseline says that she is starting to feel like Stevie hates him because he wouldn’t do this if he loved her. The fool leans in for a kiss loool. Coincidentally, the magazine that has their marriage on the cover falls out and she rips it to pieces.

Joseline and K Michelle meet up at the studio. She catches her up on all that is going on and the whole Althea situation. They refer to Nicko as “the one with the boyfriend’. They find the tape and watch and Mimi provides her hilarious commentary. She dubs Mimi “meat mouth”. Erica and Ariane are together to watch Mimi’s sextape together. They just keep saying “oh wow” over and over. Erica gets emotional and says this wasn’t a homemade tape, it was professional. She says she is disgusted and pissed off because it doesn’t matter how much money it should have been about her little girl.

We are fed TV news feeds talking about the sex tape and Nikko seems so happy about it. He says they are trending faster than Kim K and press releases. Yuck. They sat down for an interview and the interviewer asks “Who is the cameraman?” Mimi says the camera was placed on a tripod. There was an awkward silence then the interviewer plays a scene and says the camera is moving and he can see all their hands. There was an awkward silence and Nikko says that’s what you call “shaking the bathroom” *blank stare*. The awkward silence returns. The interviewer says ok. And the show ends.


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