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I usually watch ‘Suits’ along with a sizeable portion of my Twitter timeline so it was almost refreshing to see that I wasn’t alone in my feeling that ‘Suits’ has lost a little something. We’re only four episodes into the season and I’m already so tired of the shenanigans at Pearson/ Spector and whatever company Mike is working for.

We’re STILL pretending to care about the Walter Gillis takeover and now the writers are also asking us to care about an impending SEC investigation into the firm. I’ll be fair and admit that the latter is marginally more interesting but that is indeed faint praise. Jeff is one of the better additions to the show this season and at least the SEC investigation ensures that he’ll continue to get screen time.

Mike Ross is still being Mike Ross and after Louis and Harvey conspire to lose him his funding for the takeover, he goes to an old enemy of Harvey’s to get money from him instead. This being Suits, Louis has to be screwed over somehow and this comes in the form of Mike telling him that his former fiancée Sheila is already engaged to be married to another man. Mike tells Louis this right before an important hearing in order to throw Louis off his game and when Louis finds out, Mike offers him a weak ass apology as he is wont to do.

Inevitably, later on in the episode, Harvey also has his turn to take a crap on Louis and I’m still in the middle of my countdown to Louis’ mental breakdown. If this was real life, (haha nice one) I’d expect to see Louis on a breaking news bulletin entitled “disgruntled employee goes on a killer rampage”. Alas this is USA so I fully expect Louis to continue to be the whipping boy of Pearson/ Spector for a while yet.

We discover that Jeff came to Pearson/ Spector because he was on the verge of being fired from the SEC for refusing to go after Jessica and her firm (how convenient) and this allows Jessica to soften in her resolve against him. I’d be lying if I said that I understood anything about this SEC case but I was glad to see the addition of Neal McDonough as SEC investigator Sean Cahill. McDonough is a great actor and I’ve enjoyed him in every role I’ve seen him in so I’m looking forward to seeing more of his character.

The show contrives to have Rachel spend more with Logan in order to create some waves in her relationship with Mike. Logan asks Rachel to help him decide which companies to go after next and even though she is convinced that Logan is still carrying a torch for her, she accepts. Unsurprisingly, all of this up close and personal time with her ex-lover leads to an almost kiss, which I’m sure will turn into a very real one sooner rather than later.

As is starting to become the pattern, the women on Suits were far more tolerable than the men this week and I’m glad that we’re starting to see more from Mike’s Donna-esque secretary, Amy. I really like how the show has always established that the women in this world are super smart, regardless of their love for fashion or their sometimes shambolic love lives. Yes, women are multi-faceted so good job on that, at least!

Fingers crossed that we’ll soon be done with this boring storyline and hopefully the bromance between Mike and Harvey will once again be established. Until next time.

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