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The Mindy Project Recap: Season 3 Episode 15

The Mindy Project Recap: Season 3 Episode 15 

Last week was the big reveal of Mindy’s pregnancy. I was completely wrong in assuming what was going to happen next.

This week, Mindy is in a state of disbelief, taking nearly 40 pregnancy test that are all positive. Except for the one that was negative, a popsicle stick she drew a minus sign on.  Every time she tries to tell Danny, something keeps happening to make her not want to, “the thing about telling your Justice Scalia level Catholic boyfriend that you’re pregnant is that no time ever feels like the right one”. So she decides to tell him on a romantic getaway.

When she gets to New York, Danny’s father, Alan and little sister, Little Dani have shown up. Little Danni got in trouble at school, so Alan brings her there cause he doesn’t know how to handle her. Danny feels obligated to help, so they don’t go on the trip.

While Danny shows Alan around the office, Annette calls Mindy asking about their romantic weekend. Mindy lets it slip that Alan is in town. Shockingly, Annette invites everyone to dinner.  When Mindy tells Danny, he asks her not to come, “please don’t come..this is something only families should see.” Considering her knocked up state, Mindy takes it personally, “you don’t think of me as family?”

Mindy calls up her best friend Peter, he’s in Austin stalking Lauren, for some advice; hopefully this means Adam Pally isn’t gone for good. Peter advises her to go to the dinner anyway, “family doesn’t wait to be’s like HPV, it just shows up and never leaves.” She flags down Danny and convinces him to let her go to the dinner.

As Danny and Alan talk about how mad Annette is going to be at dinner, Mindy eats 80’s vending machine apple pie turnovers in the back seat. This will be important later.

When they get to Annette’s, instead of going off on Alan, Annette channels a Stepford wife; blonde wig, sweater, and pearls. She tries to prove to him that she ended up much better without him. Including showing off her surgeon boyfriend with decorated military service, Dr. Ledreau.

After Mindy performs “the blood of the eels” – killing eels with a meat tenderizer, Annette calls her a Castellano.

Alan butters Danny up with model trains and compliments, then asks him to take Little Danni in. Danny, with practically no deliberation, agrees to take her in. Mindy overhears and is pissed that he didn’t consult her first. Still a little salty about San Francisco, Danny counters with her moving without really consulting him. Mindy tries to explain to him that he’s getting played but he doesn’t listen.

At the dinner table Mindy gets Little Danni to admit that she’s not really troubled, she just “learned the age old tactic of acting like a psycho to get what [you] want.” Little Danni slaps Mindy, and being an “ethnic” she slaps her back. Danny pulls Mindy away from the table and reiterates that he doesn’t consider her family when she decides to leave. Alan brings up his agreement with Danny for Little Danni to live with him, causing Annette to get up and go after Mindy.

Annette catches up to Mindy as she tries to catch a cab back to San Francisco. She tells Mindy about the time Richie threatened to runaway because she wouldn’t let him go live with Brett Easton Ellis. “As much as I love hearing about the origin stories of gay men, I gotta go,” Mindy responds. Annette explains that she agrees with her because “when a kid’s a brat, you take them down.” When Mindy says she’s hot despite it being freezing outside, Annette puts two and two together and realizes she’s pregnant.

Ecstatic about having a grandchild, Annette goes back inside and lets Alan have it. When Danny tries to defend his father, Annette goes off on him and reveals that Mindy is pregnant. Danny runs out and searches for Mindy, as Beyonce’s “XO” plays. Following an apple pie wrapper clue, he tracks her down to the hospital lounge. After some Mindy rambling, Danny finally says what she’s been waiting for, “we’re a family”



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