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My Thoughts On #WW84

My Thoughts On #WW84 

Add Wonder to Your Virtual Meetings With These New WW84 Backgrounds | DC

We start the movie meeting little Diana finding out that no matter how skilled she is, she is not ready yet to be an Amazon and needs to pace herself. Fast forward to 1984 and Diana Prince is living a 9-5 life like everyone else as a curator on ancient artifacts. She still fights crime as Wonder Woman, as we are shown by a bank robbery where she swoops in to save the day. An ancient relic, which the FBI asks her new coworker, Barbara Ann Minerva to identify, catches the interest of Max Lord, a failing business man. He gets ahold of it and wreaks havoc on the world with it.

I have said time and time again that super hero movies are not my thing but FOMO is real and I am always ready to give it a chance (also, streaming on HBOMax is the most convenient thing). I didn’t quite like the first one but it was decent compared to this – this was BAD. Like, embarrassingly bad.

I am not sure where to start from but – the plot, the writing, it didn’t seem well thought out. The movie almost forgot that Wonder Woman is the star of the movie and gave so much attention to Max Lord. I went into the movie expecting Minerva to be a villain so imagine my disappointment when she was Cheetah for like 5 mins and also became this because she was envious of how “pretty and cool Diana was” – like what?

To my knowledge Steve (Chris Pine) died in the first one so bringing him back was really just indulgent. What really is the harm in giving Diana a new love interest or none at all? I didn’t understand how evil Max Lord was and then in 5 seconds he remembered his son and was suddenly apologetic – again huh? There were a number of loopholes that I just chalked up to creative liberties (in one scene everyone is at work and going about their business, Steve suddenly knows how to fly a plane after 70 years, we see fireworks and Diana casually mentions its 4th of July – umm noone said a word all day and we all know Americans don’t play with 4th of July). There really was no need for the movie to be 2 hours and 35 minutes especially since as an action movie, there was a lot more talking and a lot less action.

If it can be counted as a pro, Gal Gadot is one heck of a stunning woman. You couldn’t help but notice her beauty at every turn. Her hair so luscious and her perfect cat eye. She also definitely knows how to wear a costume. I do think Kristen Wiig was well cast but it’s hard to shed her comedic past and I just don’t think she had good enough material. The same can be said about Pedro Pascal as Max Lord except he had plenty of material.

Overall, it pains me to say that this is not a movie I would recommend. I didn’t find it compelling and I won’t be surprised at people falling asleep on this. I just also for the life of me can’t fathom how this passed through the many ranks and everyone thought it was okay to send out to the masses. DC gets all the flack but they are not helping their cause by sending out subpar work. Let’s hope there are plans for better ones in the future.

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