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The Best Reality Shows I Watched In 2020

The Best Reality Shows I Watched In 2020 

Love Is Blind Reunion on Netflix : Shocking Facts from the Tell-All Reunion

There was no way I was going to do end of the year lists and not do one for my beloved reality shows. A lot of escapism was needed and a lot was given especially with the streaming services throwing in their rings in the hat. Here are the best reality shows that I watched this year:

  • Love is Blind: Yea guys, it was this year. They shot the show in 2018 but the couples who got married are still married. Mark is expecting a baby and Kenny is engaged. All is well that ends well. My thoughts on the reunion are here (Netflix)
  • Taste The Nation: Padma Lakshmi stepped out on her own on a culinary adventure that seamlessly weaves the various cultures of America. It was very educational and its even more fun because you can tell when Padma really likes something and when she thinks its just aite (Hulu)
  • Real Housewives of Potomac: Any list you see that doesn’t have this show on their list is a farce and when I say list I mean reality and non reality. Periodt (Bravo)
  • Indian Matchmaking: Seema Aunty. Aparna. Entertainment galore. Nuff said. Had me wanting more where I found a documentary on Amazon Prime where Seema Aunty was part of years before and she was trying to marry off her own daughter called A Suitable Girl (Netflix)
  • The Challenge: Old seasons of this show kept me sane through most of this pandemic. I’ve been a fan for years and the current season (36) is the gift that keeps on giving. See my ode to the show here (MTV)
  • Say I Do: Incredibly sweet, some may call it corny but a show for well deserving people. It truly was a show that celebrated love and my little crush on Jeremiah by no means swayed me. ahem (Netflix)
  • Cheer: It went beyond cheerleading and showed how being a part of this squad had a huge impact on their lives. It’s a shame Jerry is facing child pornography charges now. See my thoughts on the show here (Netflix)
  • Married At First Sight: New Orleans: The season was caught in the middle of a pandemic and they somehow made it work. Arguably, the best season they’ve ever had. So much so, I have a whole podcast on it :D. Check it out anywhere you listen to podcasts or here (Lifetime)
  • Love Island USA: The first season was such a bust, even I couldn’t watch it. I decided to give season 2 a chance and it was sooo good. Even better was seeing a black girl get the love she deserves for once and actually win (CBS)
  • Love on the Spectrum: I love reality shows where I actually learn from and seeing this world of people on the spectrum navigating love, relationships and dating was a good watch for me (Netflix)
  • The Circle: It was so bizarre and made no sense but every Friday, I was ready for a new episode. I loved it so much I watched the versions from Brazil and France. My thoughts on the show are here (Netflix)
  • Survivor: My favorite competitive reality show out there went big for Season 40 by bringing back past winners and having an all winner season with all the greats and it did not disappoint. It was SO GOOD. The only disappointment was that the finale was not live and a zoom winner crowning just wasn’t the same (CBS)
  • Next In Fashion: This revamped Project Runway was modern, fresher and richer and 30 minutes! It’s a shame it got cancelled (Netflix)
  • Canada’s Drag Race: Canada had their first season of the Drag Race franchise hosted by the fabulous Brook Lynn Hytes (runner up in the American season). It was refreshing and had a deserving winner (don’t ask me how I watched it :D)
  • Double Shot of Love: I don’t know who came up with the concept of the exes from season 1 coming back but it worked and it had me cracking up and also Paulie got a girlfriend out of it! (MTV)
  • The Masked Singer: This show makes me cheese and makes me happy all the time. I never get tired of hearing the singing and the guesses and I try to avoid spoilers (Fox)
  • Deaf U: A lot of people found this problematic but I was entertained and educated by it. I found it fascinating and enjoyed it (Netflix)
  • Selling Sunset: You know this show is not particularly good but it is aesthetically pleasing and has just enough to have you watching and also create many a water cooler (figuratively) chatter. I have to admit Chrishelle’s divorce fueled a lot of interest for many (Netflix)

Alright folks, that’s it! What did I forget? Let me know in the comments!

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