Oscar Winners Coming Soon To A TV Screen Near You

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We are in a time where it is not a big deal anymore that movie stars are switching to TV shows. As TV shows get more lauded and the awards favor the movie actors, it’s not surprising that they are flocking to the small screen. With the high number of TV content, made even higher by more streaming services available, there are a lot more movie actors which equate to a number of Oscar winners gracing us with their presence very soon.

Here are some Oscar winners you may recognize:

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Julia Roberts (Best Actress, 2001) in Homecoming. She will be joined by fellow Oscar winner, Sissy Spacek (Best Actress, 1981)

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Emma Stone (Best Actress, 2017) stars in Maniac with Jonah Hill. Will be on Netflix September 21

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Sean Penn (Best Actor, 2004 and 2009) on The First. Premiering on Hulu on Sep 14.

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Michael Douglas (Best Actor, 1988) and Alan Arkin (Best Supporting Actor, 2007) will star on The Kominsky Method premiering Nov. 16 on Netflix

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Benicio Del Torio (Best Supporting Actor, 2001) and Patricia Arquette (Best Supporting Actress, 2015) will star in Escape at Dannemora on Showtime premiering Nov. 18

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Catherine Zeta-Jones (Best Supporting Actor, 2001) will star in Queen America as a ruthless pageant coach on Facebook Watch.

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Meryl Streep on Big Little Lies 2. Premieres 2019 on HBO


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