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Most Annoying TV Characters on Current Television

Most Annoying TV Characters on Current Television 

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A TV show is not complete until there’s a character that grinds your gears and I am not talking the kind of character you love to hate. I am talking the one you wish every episode will be killed off. May I just ask why writers seem to make a lot of female leads annoying? I felt weird having a lot of women on the list but I couldn’t help it. History seems to show that somehow eventually, the lead actress is almost always self absorbed and irritating. I don’t think there is enough time to list all the characters who fit this description but here are a few that come to mind:


Honestly, the entire cast, crew, driver, even the person that cooks their food (hyperbole). I have never seen an entire cast that is as unlikable as these ones. There’s no redeeming quality to lean on when they are being shitty because they are shitty all the time.
I will admit the cast of Grey’s Anatomy have their issues but these two rise above the fray
I don’t think any words are necessary…
Image result for scarlett nashville
her accent, her clothes, her stupid looks, her indecisiveness and mood swings. Scarlett is one of the worsts
Noah and Alice have to be the most unfortunate people. They wreak havoc everywhere they go. Probably because they don’t care about the consequences of their actions on their loved ones


To be fair, Rebecca from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a mental illness. But watching this grown woman stuck on 16, drives me nuts


No list is complete without Piper Chapman on it
Abby is the worst friend you can wish for yourself. She spends half her time apologizing.
Image result for jane the virgin
Miss Goody Two Shoes who thinks she is better than everybody
Image result for kate this is us
Really not sure how valid is. We all have issues but Kate seems to think she is the only one with this issues. She’s kind of selfish and also I don’t think she is making an effort with Randall. Sue me.




Chances are, Karen is either crying or trying to wheeze out her words with all her breathlessness.
I used Paige’s picture but she really represents majority of the kids on TV. It would appear that it is a rule that kids are annoying



Image result for louis and rachel
Trust me, Donna and Mike are included but Rachel and Louis top the characters. Louis barely has any more dignity and Rachel is professional girlfriend

So these are the characters that come to mind. Who am I missing? Who are some characters that you find annoying? I’d love to hear.





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1 Comment

  1. jubekwe

    Lol reading this. You are so right. I haven’t seen some of the shows, but Paige is my number 1, jo over April though. Lol. Piper, my ghad so annoying. Louis and Rachel, equally annoying right after Mike. Mary Jane should be a whole other post of her annoying. One character from shameless ,maybe? Lol.

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