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A Reality Show To Add To Your Arsenal – Hustle & Soul

A Reality Show To Add To Your Arsenal – Hustle & Soul 

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Fellow reality show lovers, I’d be remiss if I don’t let you know about this show that is a train wreck that you can’t stop watching. It follows the staff of a soul food restaurant called Pink Tea Cup based in Brooklyn, NY. Led by head chef and owner, Lawrence Page. LP as he is fondly called, has big dreams of getting a coveted Michelin Star which as you watch the show you’ll find as laughable as I do.

Lawrence has this beard that is so distracting, as you can see in the picture above and talks like he is reciting spoken word. His staff consists of his girlfriend/baby mama, Ana. Haitian Barbie as she calls herself who has a nasty temper and isn’t afraid to show it. Candice, the bartender who is like family to Lawrence and does not get along with Ana and it leads to a nasty fallout with Lawrence complete with broken plates and glasses, but I digress. Dominic and Stef, the attractive twins who are so green in the ears and in their own world. There’s Thandi, who starts out as the lead server but starts sleeping with Lawrence (yep, while he is still with Ana) and “works” her way to Manager.

Hustle & Soul is so budget that even the security look picked out from the highway, but it is comical at best. The characters are so hot tempered, you are guaranteed a fight in every episode, which is par for course for some reality shows, but in this case it happens at the restaurant with customers having front row seats, usually with incredulous looks on their faces. How on earth can he get a Michelin star with that happening often? but like all reality show stars, LP is as delusional as he is ambitious (see my post on the reality show delusion). It’s even more crazy when you consider that this restaurant is basically a shoe box.

If you are a part of the reality show delusion, I’d recommend this hella ratchet show for comic relief because it truly cracks me up and I can’t even believe it’s real life. It should be a quick catchup and if you don’t get the chance, you don’t need to watch Season 1 and can jump into the second season that Hustle & Soul comes on WEtv on Thursdays at 10pm. Let me know what you think if you watch or if you get a chance to watch.

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