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Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 11

Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 11 

We kick off the second half of this season with newly named partner, Louis Litt making good on his promise to “bury” Mike. Louis has fully embraced his role as a cartoon villain and I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character on this show more.  Louis has now decided to treat Mike as a paralegal and buried him in enough paper work to sink the Titanic. Rachel, being the good little girlfriend she is, of course helps Mike and this further entrenches her in Louis’ bad books.

Louis spends the entire episode living up to the sniveling, pathetic, insecure, creepy, vomit-inducing character to whom we were first introduced at the beginning of the series. His character came a long way but the swiftness with which he reverts to the most pathetic character on earth underlines the fact that the bitch-assedness has always been strong in this one. When he realizes that his nonsense won’t immediately get to Mike, he decides to focus his ire on Rachel and says some utterly unforgivable things to her. I really don’t feel as though he was unfairly forced to resign as his blunders have been of epic proportions and considering he resigned before he could be fired, I find the vitriol directed at Jessica, Rachel, and (especially) Donna extremely hard to take. The manner in which he barked at these women who’ve gone out of their way to be kind to him really struck a nerve and I would not be mad if somebody decided to push him onto the path of a subway train. Somebody really needs to explain to me why Louis is determined to remain at a place, where not even the dust mites like him, with the knowledge that he hasn’t earned an iota of this “promotion” to named partner.

One of the few bright spots of the episode is that Mike finally calls Jessica on her nonsense and forces her to admit that she has benefited as much from Mike’s fraud as she has. You can’t continue to get on your high horse when you know that the horse doesn’t belong to you anyway.  Jeff is also no fool and knows that there’s more to Louis’ promotion than meets the eye. When he confronts Jessica with this, she proceeds to go against her word and lies that Louis was promoted because of his knowledge of Daniel Hardman’s theft and Jessica’s subsequent cover-up of the fact and omits Mike from the narrative all together.

Louis’s desire to scream his promotion to named partner from the rooftops enables Robert Zane to collect on his favor from Harvey. This means we get to see the not-at all-missed Scottie again as Harvey is required to get her to plead out a case she’s fighting against Zane. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this development is but it only further highlights Harvey’s shoddy treatment of the women in his life and how he’ll use them and discard them at his own leisure. Despite this, I really hope that we have seen the last of Scottie.

Jessica seems to have got the last laugh at Louis by adding a clause to his partnership agreement that states that Louis is a co-conspirator to hiring a fraud. In Jessica’s words, the knowledge of Mike’s secret was “the only bullet in [his] chamber and now [she’s] taking his gun away.” I really hope that this prompts his weasel-faced self to settle down and I’ll be happy to watch how people make Louis’ life hell in the future.

Donna, being Donna, makes one final attempt to convince Louis that her friendship with him was not fabricated and this prompts Louis to ask her if she ever slept with Harvey as a test of trust. Instead of giving him the only acceptable answer, which is “go screw yourself”, Donna admits that she slept with him once. Louis still proceeds to throw her friendship back in her face and I’m sure it won’t be long before this fact is leaked to the general populace of Pearson, Specter and Litt.

All in all, this was a drama-packed episode and a good return from hiatus for Suits but as usual, I’d like to see a little more focus on law cases and not just on the drama-filled lives of our lovable band of lawyers.


 written by Altius Tendo

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