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Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 12

Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 12 














I enjoyed this “Respect” episode of Suits more than last week’s rage fest because the writers went back to a “case of the week” formula. I don’t know why the writers of these types of shows insist on departing from the things that got us hooked to their shows in the first place but I digress…

We join our merry band of lawyers at Pearson, Specter, and Litt where Jessica (resplendent in a fur shrug) and Harvey meet so she can inform him about her lies to Jeff regarding Louis’s promotion to named partner. Jessica basically asks Harvey to take more crap from Louis as she needs him on her side so she can maintain her relationship built on a bed of lies.

Our case of the week involves returning character, Henry Gerard (Harvard Ethics professor), who is being sued for taking a bribe to find in favor of victims in a compensation case. Gerard is found with $25,000 he can’t account for in his possession by the TSA and he comes to Harvey to help him prove his innocence. Harvey tells him “no” in no uncertain terms due to their fractious history.  Mike’s period of growing some balls in his tenure as an investment banker is obviously here to stay because he is able to tell Harvey that he’s being an unnecessary prick to Gerard and Harvey agrees to take his case.

Gerard claims that he came about the money in an illegal poker game and if it comes out, he’ll be fired by Harvard. Harvey and Mike therefore have to find a way to win Gerard’s case without revealing where the money came from. However, Mike quickly figures out that Gerard is lying as he preps him for his testimony and we find out that the $25,000 was really a payment for Gerard’s changing of a student’s grade. After some waffling from Harvey, our indomitable duo finally manage to get Gerard off the hook but in doing so, Gerard becomes the latest addition to the long list of people who know about Mike’s “secret.” Harvey, however, doesn’t tell Mike about Gerard’s discovery and now everybody seems to be caught in a never-ending hell of secrets and lies. It’s like secret inception over at PSL but they are lawyers after all….

Our “B” storyline introduces us to Joan Walsh, CEO of “Cutie Pie Cosmetics” (really?!) who Louis demands as a client from Harvey. Louis, being Louis, manages to screw up the poor woman’s business right off the bat but is saved at the dying hour by Rachel. The women at PSL seem to be as sick of Louis’s shit as we are and Rachel finally stands up for herself and says what we’ve all be thinking: “I’m capable of putting the personal aside in order to do my job.” Donna also finally puts a stop to her apology tour and tells Louis about himself. I actually clapped. Seriously, I’m tired of Louis’s shit.

Mr. Litt, however, does one (semi) decent thing this episode and reinforces Jessica’s lie to Jeff so they can continue their love, with Jeff in blissful ignorance. I’m sure that will end well….

Finally, Suits always has great music and I actually squealed when I heard Fink’s “Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us” playing us out. I don’t know who the music supervisor for the show is but kudos on consistently killing it.

Next week’s episode looks to be another flashback one so maybe we’ll get some more insight about how Louis became the sorry human being he is today. Until then!

written by Nana

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