Suits: Season Finale Recap

The Suits finale revisits the SEC investigation I thought we’d buried for good. All the usual suspects like Forstman, Cahill, and Woodall are back. We also find out the big secret that from 12 years ago that Forstman is holding over Harvey and it’s all so… disappointing. But let me not get ahead of myself. […]

Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 15

This week’s episode of Suits begins with Evan Smith (Tricia Helfer) making good on her threat to report Donna’s subterfuge to the DA. Mike is busy celebrating his Liberty Rail win with Rachel when Harvey, once again, demands that Mike drop the case in order to protect Donna. Harvey is livid with Mike because he […]

Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 14

This episodes of Suits was shocking in that nobody annoyed me excessively. I don’t think I’ve felt like this about the lawyers at Pearson, Specter, and Litt (PSL) since the idyllic days of season one and two. We begin with Professor Gerard (who I just realized is played by actor Gabriel Macht’s father, Stephen) tasking […]

Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 13

  This week’s Suits was a flashback episode that actually worked very well as far as flashback episodes go. We went waaaay back to the events of season 1 and how Mike ended up moving in with good-for-nothing Trevor. Mike is moonlighting as a bike messenger after getting kicked out of college and he starts […]

Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 12

                  I       I enjoyed this “Respect” episode of Suits more than last week’s rage fest because the writers went back to a “case of the week” formula. I don’t know why the writers of these types of shows insist on departing from the things […]

Suits: Season 4 Episode 6

Suits definitely delivered the best episode of the season so far with their 50th episode. The Gillis/ SEC/ Wexler? cases (I still don’t know what’s going on with these) took a back seat and we actually got to focus on most of our main characters. There were also far fewer filler scenes and these all […]

Suits: Season 4 Episode 5

In this week’s episode of Suits, we’re still suffering with the Gillis/ SEC cases. Honestly, the ins and outs of the cases are just white noise to me at this point and I’ve resorted to counting down the minutes until Harvey and Mike’s tearful reunion. I almost got my wish with this episode but alas, […]

Suits: Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

May I be honest for one second here? I feel as though this season of Suits needs a change and quickly. I haven’t been engrossed by the goings on at Pearson/ Spector as much as I used to be and I’ve been trying to figure out the reason. I think the prolonged, over-arching case of […]

Suits Season 4: Episode 2

This week’s episode, entitled ‘Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner’ continues with the takeover storyline established in last week’s episode. Mike manages to find a way to halt the takeover of Walter Gillis’ (I totally had to look up his name) company by accusing Harvey of breaking privilege. This acts as a basis for Mike to represent […]

Suits: Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

(Recap for this season will be done by guest writer, Nana) Suits is back ladies and gentlemen! Even though it seems like we just left the good folks at Pearson Specter, Suits is already back for another season. It’s good to have the crew back together again and I’m excited to see where this season […]