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My Top 5 Dramas

My Top 5 Dramas 

Every year, my friend and I list our top 5 drama series. I just realized I hadn’t done a ranking in a while. It was a bit difficult cuz as you guys might suspect, I do watch a lot of TV, so picking out just 5 took a minute. I was not confused about my #1 though, just the remaining. Well starting from #5 to #1, here are my top 5 drama series, currently. I might as well warn you that you might be a bit surprised at my selections because you won’t be seeing GoT or Homeland or Boardwalk Empire  😀

#5. Shameless


I love this show. This show is the very definition of dysfunctional. Just when you think they can’t sink any lower, they find another low bar and sink to it. I feel this show doesn’t get the accolades that it deserves. Everyone does a fantastic job in their roles, from William H Macy (Frank) right down to the young kids.

#4. The Good Wife

I always refer to this show as the best drama on Network Television. I am not gonna lie, with it’s spotty timeslot on CBS during football season, I usually forget to watch each week and catch up later and everytime I forget how good this show is, I am reminded again when I watch. The main selling point of this show is everyone just has this chemistry between them and it works. Some argue that network tv limits how far or well a story can be told but The Good Wife debunks that theory. Great, great show.



#3. Sons of Anarchy

Boy, do I love this show. So, I was on bed rest and immobile when I first started watching this show and I did all 4 seasons in 4 days. You know how people say love at first sight? This was love at first watch. At the time when I started it was just different. So gritty – and quite hot if I might add. Bunch of tattooed bikers in leather jackets, riding bikes and unafraid of anything. If nothing else, Charlie Hunnan (Jax) is enough motivation (his bum in the shower in Season 1, anyone? Can I get an halleluyah!). Okay Okay, I will stop lusting and just say that this show is written ever so well by the crazy Kurt Sutter and the actors bring it to life in an awesome way. They lost their way in the Ireland season but this show has me all the way invested with crazy unexpected storylines. I love the way it can be all gritty but emotional at the same time. One of the best season finales I have ever seen with Season 2. Love it!

#2. Breaking Bad

It took me 3 seasons to get into this show. I will never forget that episode. The parking lot scene with Hank and the twins. Something clicked in my brain and I was sold. As much as I usually want to deny how good this show is, I can’t ( I try to do that because this is one show that I am not emotionally invested in any of the characters, if that makes any sense) but the sheer brilliance of this show; The attention to detail in the storylines and just the portrayal of each character is just sheer genius. 8 more episodes before its final curtain call and I just feel we are going to get a satisfying ending.

#1. Mad Men

This should come as no surpise to anyone. Sigh. How much do I love this show? Let me count the ways. I don’t even know how to explain it. I just absolutely LOVE this show. I sigh with contentment after an episode. A lot of people that start the show usually don’t get it or like it because it is too slow and I’ll admit, that doesn’t change much later. It’s a very understated, subtle show that packs a huge punch. The writer is almost obsessive with his detail and tries to give nothing away (for those of you that watch you can recognize the next week previews being quite useless). I love how they show how life was back then in the 60’s and it’s progression. Jon Hamm..he plays the title character, Don Draper. A man so plagued with demons he is on a fast downward spiral and doesn’t know how to save himself. You have to pay attention when watching this show because everything is important no matter how little you may think it is. I am really going to miss it when the 7th and final season airs 🙁

Runners up

Homeland – everything about this show is great really and they didn’t suffer the “sophomore slump” in their second season. They just didn’t make the cut.

House of Cards – Best new show of the season, even though that’s hard to say seeing as it “aired” on Netflix. Just too soon to list as one of the best yet.

Parenthood – One of the best shows that noone is watching. Emotional, family show that covers a lot of topics so adeptly.

Orphan Black and The Americans – two shows in which I can greatly see their flaws but the positives outweigh the negatives and find a way to suck you in and keep you intrigued.


What do you think? What are your top 5 shows? I’d love to see what you guys are watching.

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  1. uju

    In no particular order:
    Breaking bad
    I love love shameless
    The goodwife
    I have tried madmen and sons of anarchy and cant seem to get into it.i guess it will take a few episode. Will try again before the end of summer.
    bubbling under:
    walking dead

  2. Vivi

    Pretty good list. I still don’t get the “Mad Men” hype but ah well. I mean, I have tried, on numerous occasions, to watch the show with an open mind and a clean heart but it truly bores me to tears. I’m gonna check out “Sons of Anarchy” next week on Netflix.

    My top 5 Dramas so far are:
    5. Scandal (Such fluff but it’s fantastic fluff.)
    4. Game of Thrones
    3. Parenthood
    2. Breaking Bad
    1. SouthLAnd (R.I.P. iWeep.)

    Honorable Mentions: “Homeland”, “Suits”, “Orphan Black”, “House of Cards”

    “Nashville” is a good show…when they are not focusing on Scarlet and Gunner. Goodness gracious that duo bores me to effin’ tears. I’m glad Juliette’s Mom is outta the picture. I will say I didn’t like how the show made Juliette so lovesick so quickly to the point that homeboy was running her life. That doesn’t rhyme with what Juliette has been this season. So I’m happy that he left, too, along with the Mom.

    I’m pretty sure my list will change once I catch up on a bunch of shows (Still need to catch up on this season of “Shameless”.)

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