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2014 Highest Paid TV Actresses

2014 Highest Paid TV Actresses 

…according to Forbes. Not long ago, I posted the highest paid tv actors of 2014. Well it’s time for the ladies. Here they are:


10. Lena Dunham – $3.5 million

9.  Claire Danes – $5 million

8.  Courtney Cox, Zooey Deschanel and Kerry Washington – $6 million

7.  Mindy Kaling – $6.5 million

6.  Amy Poehler – $7 million

5.  Alysson Hannigan – $9.5 million

4.  Cobie Smulders, Ellen Pompeo and Julianna Marguiles – $10 million

3.  Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting – $11 million

2. Mariska Hargitay – $13 million

1. Sofia Vergar – $37 million (for the third year in a row. Notice the vast difference between her and #2)

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  1. OriginalMgbeke

    Modern family pays Sofia that much? Or where else does she get her income from?

  2. jubekwe

    I can’t believe thay, just from modern family? Or is she on something else on tv?

  3. taynement

    it’s the total of all their endeavors i.e endorsements and other side deals not just their tv salary.

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