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My Thoughts on Gilmore Girls (TV Show)

My Thoughts on Gilmore Girls (TV Show) 

When the announcement was made that Gilmore Girls would be revived by Netflix sometime in the fall, I realized that I had no memories of the show. I used to watch it back in the day but stopped because it got really annoying but besides that, I remembered nothing and never finished it. Never one to be left behind, I decided to take on the arduous journey of binging a 7 season-22 episode network program (sheesh guys, this is not for the faint of heart)

I finally got done not too long ago and I have some thoughts. Many, many thoughts (shout out to @altius_tendo who had to endure many many mostly angry thoughts at all odd hours of the day because there really was a lot of thoughts). Before I try to share some of them, I have to remind those of you who watched when the show aired that there’s a massive difference when you watched back then with different (younger) eyes than when you binge in present day with older eyes. I had to say that because I am sure people will want to fight me for some thoughts that I will share with you later on.

Now overall, I thought Gilmore Girls was a good show for what it was. A family friendly show chronicling the journey between a single mother (who was a teen mom) and her daughter as they both grow up, in a small town and experience love and life in their own different but yet similar ways. Here are some thoughts I had about the show:

  • I really, really disliked Lorelai. Such a childish, selfish human being. I felt rage in my belly many a times she came on the screen just yammering and yammering non stop. Treating Luke like crap and while I don’t doubt how much she loved Rory that whole friend not mother shtick wasn’t working for me. She totally stunted Rory as a human/adult. I could go on and on but I think you get how I feel about her (which makes me wonder why so many leading women on shows are annoying)
  • Rory. Oh Rory. Such an awkward, smart dud of a girl. But I can’t totally blame her. Everyone told her she was so awesome that at the first real critique she received she spazzed. Everyone fell for the innocent looking blue eyed girl but she had a mean streak in her (If you have watched, think of the two articles she wrote where she “didn’t mean to be mean”). I also found her to be a little boy crazy/dependent. Any time she had an issue with one of her men, she didn’t just stay single she somehow ran to one of them for…what? I am not sure exactly.
  • I loved how the story line quality of the show didn’t get stale and deteriorate over the seasons. That usually happens a lot in long running shows or they have a season that’s kind of wonky but I can’t say that I experienced that with GG. I thoroughly enjoyed majority of the story lines even if I found 90% of the characters annoying.
  • I was totally living for Emily Gilmore. I can see how people would hate her but I don’t know…I liked her from season 1 (in retrospect could it be my hate for Lorelai that fueled this?). My second favorite character was Luke.
  • A lot of people said they loved Lorelai with Max but I didn’t see it. If I had to pick from the men I would say Christopher. They are both immature, come from the same worlds (even if Lorelai wants to think she is from the common man world) and understand each other’s quips. They knew each other.
  • For Rory, I am in the minority again but I absolutely loved Dean. Yes, he had a small town mentality and was maybe too good or dull but it’s not like Rory was a burst of personality either. I didn’t understand her relationship with Jess and with Logan I was just never fully convinced. Logan did all the right things but he always sounded like he was working an angle.
  • The towns people were such a delight to watch (well maybe not Taylor and Kirk) but as an ensemble they really added life and color to the show. This was most evident in season 7 when for a couple of episodes it was like they all disappeared and the show just felt off kilter but all was well when they came back. I give kudos to whoever’s job it was to come up with the various town events because season after season they all seemed like fun.
  • The continuity on GG was a little wonky. One day, you’d see a character or they’d show a story line and not mention it for many episodes.
  • Paris – grating. that’s all I have to say
  • I felt for Lane. I am not sure I understood her storylines. They just seemed liked after thoughts. The final story line in the final season was just…:/ (also, how was there never a story line of Paris being jealous of Lane as Rory’s best friend?
  • Lorelai’s beef with her parents. Okay, so I get it. Her parents can be quite difficult and probably didn’t handle her pregnancy the best way. But again, it was many years ago and you are still choosing to be in their lives, how about you just give the benefit of the doubt? Lorelai was always ready to get the jabs in before they could even say anything. Always believing their intentions were bad.
  • With the diet Lorelai and Rory were on, they should have chronic heart issues, high cholesterol and high BP by now.

I don’t want to inundate you with too many points but I am glad I watched it and I am ready for the revival. Curious to see how the residents of Stars Hollow have made out over the years. It’s definitely a show I’d recommend if you have the time for it. If you have seen the show, what are your thoughts on the show. Do you have any questions for me? I’d be happy to share with ya!

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