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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 2

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 2 

Soulja boy makes his debut this season and it would appear he is back with Nia. He is rehearsing, I think as Nia with seemingly new boob enhancements is watching. Fizz stops by and informs us that he is single and things are picking up with him on the music front (yea right). Nia excuses herself and leaves the guys to talk. Fizz in a span of 3 seconds informs us yet again that he is single and he is trying to navigate his way through women since they are everywhere and they throw themselves at them. He asks Soulja how he navigates it and if he has a side piece. Soulja says that Nia is his main chick but when he is on the road there are road chicks and Nia knows that and also knows they are just that and he holds it down for her and likes that she knows wassup. Yea okay.

Rich is romancing Moniece with rose petals on the floor and testing to see if they are in it for the long haul and is treating her to dinner for two. She asks him if he is moving to Hollywood permanently and he says we will see. She admits that his reputation precedes him but creepy Rich is dead and she is not the usual bitch he dates and she starts talking about him meeting his family and integrating his son and Rich says he is not opposed to it but it should come in time. As if the convo wasn’t already weird enough she reminds him that she doesn’t want kids so she thinks he should get a vasectomy.

Teairra and Nicki are meeting up with someone named Nas to help put together a fashion show for Teairra’s blazer line and Nikki’s lingerie line. Teairra asks this Nas person what is going on with her and she mentions she has guy trouble namely being off and on with Soulja Boy which gets the girls interested. She says that she and Nia were friends but when they broke up they got together. Nikki asks what is up and the girl says as recent as 2 weeks ago they hooked up and he still texts and tells her he loves her. Teairra tells her that she will give her advice and if Nia is being flaunted then maybe she should realize things aren’t adding up.

Miles and Milan are having fun at the strip club as Milan continues to whine about not being able to show Miles affection. They have a repeat conversation as last week’s and I hope we don’t hear this all season. Teairra updates Moniece on wassup during a shoot for her blazer and Amber is the model. Moniece reveals that Rich is her man. Amber tells them about Miles and how they have chemistry and Moniece tells her that “a person will usually show you what their mouth doesn’t say”. Ok. Teairra updates them on her talk with Princess. They all discuss how they don’t trust Princess and Princess might be trying to play Teairra…yawn.

Nikki and Nia are shopping and Nikki tells Nia about the Nas girl who says she is messing with Soulja. Nia kind of dismisses it and says she thought she had let it go and confirms what Soulja said earlier and how she can’t confront every girl that claims to have something with him. Nikki mentions the boot camp class that Nas is having and invites Nia to it. We are back to psycho couple Rich and Moniece. Moniece walks out the pool, full make up on with the paid people in the background. He says that she does everything to keep him happy but he needs to get one thing off his chest and tells her that the tattoo of her first boyfriend on her hip bothers him and she agrees to take it off.

Princess is getting crunk in the diary room to let us know that she is not leaving Ray but has decided to live her own life (what does that mean?) She is meeting up with Teairra and she tells her that she understands being with Ray and she thinks they could be friends but Teairra is still being cautious. Princess continues to confide in Teairra and say she is one foot out the door and one more incident will send her out the door. She complained about being at home for 2 years since Ray likes his women home. She says how she moved here for Ray and Teairra tells her to live her life and do what she wants and she can party with her.

Milan continues the struggle with Miles as Miles is late to their date and he feels he has been distant. Miles continues being a dick saying he doesn’t need Milan to keep tracking him all the time. We see that Miles has gone to dance practice for Amber’s daughter and tells us he is a father figure to her and he loves her and doesn’t want things to change if he comes out.

Princess is all dressed up for a night out and even packs an overnight bag. She runs into Ray in the driveway and he is not happy about her going out. He apologizes for the party and says he doesn’t like how she is dressed and she needs to go in and change. Princess lets him know that she spoke to Teairra and she was right about him. Moniece goes to cover up the tattoo in the hopes that she gets a ring. Before he does it, she grills him some more and says she wants to move in together. Rich doesn’t take her seriously and leaves eventually.

For some reason, Ray and Teairra meet up in a random place and he asks her what she meant by she was right. Teairra says that she was there because she thought Ray called to apologize for spreading rumors about her. She starts to walk away but Ray calls her back. Teairra stirs the pot and says she can speed the break up process. She tells Ray that they don’t need to ever be together but she loves him enough to let him know when something is up. Ray then asks her if he calls again will she come?  And she gives him a side eye.

The ladies are at the boot camp. Ladies being Teairra and Nikki and Nia rolls in with Apryl and someone else. Nas wastes no time and tells her that they need to talk. Again Nia gives us logic by saying hoes get fucked everyday but if she leaves Soulja Boy now she won’t be his girlfriend. The two start slinging insults at each other until security steps in.

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