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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Finale

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Finale 

After many weeks of ratchet/staged entertainment, the finale is upon us. It begins with Benzino and Althea planning their wedding and trying to decide on invitations. This over sprung guy continues to talk about their “love”. The wedding planner tells them that these things require months to plan. We still haven’t been told why there’s this much of a rush on this wedding. Althea tells him again how Joseline takes shots at her and Benzino “stands up for his woman” and throws shots at Joselyn on Instagram by posting pictures of people who she has slept with, he then says it’s not his character (uh huh) but he has to stand up for her. Althea decides they should wait a month and Benzino is unsure wondering if she’d still want to marry him in a month. Rolls eyes.

Wacka and Tammy are “making up for lost time” since he just came off the road (performing what song?) anyways in the middle of dinner why did she whip out a specimen cup? Telling him he needs to have his sperm tested that they’ve been together 4 years and she hasn’t gotten pregnant. He says nothing is wrong with his boys but eventually agrees to go to the doctor. Creepo is in the studio singing a song that has a line that mentions “shower and rod” apparently the song is called “shower rod”. Mimi walks in and creepo tells her that his divorce is being finalized since it was a problem for her. Mimi still croaking tells him that she spoke to Johnny and knows that his wife isn’t going anywhere. Mimi starts huffing and puffing as usual. And eventually walks away.

Rasheeda is having a Poise party for her cosmetic line and it’s looking like it’s good because she has a long line of people actually interested in her product. She tells us her invitation list is strategic and certain people weren’t’ invited because she didn’t want any drama. Fly, a producer on the outs with Stevie and Joseline pulls Benzino aside and asks him why he is mentioning his name as one of the people who Joselyn slept with. Benzino didn’t even seem apologetic that he posted false info. Fly says Joselyn had been trying to hook up with with him and she refused but there is someone in the room who has slept with Joselyn recently. They decide to go outside while he brings the dude – why are these old men talking like teenagers – in all this, they don’t realize Karlie is listening in. The guy in question is their driver, who claims he smashed Joselyn and has been for 3 months. He also says he drives her to hotels and to other people who smashed so he was like he might as well get a piece

Karlie and Erica are riding home and Karlie forever always “concerned” says that she has to tell Joselyn ASAP. Erica says that she thinks it’s messy and she doesn’t believe Joselyn would do the same for Karlie. Stevie tells Benzino that he doesn’t understand why he has to get into the girl’s business and he needs to let them handle it. Stevie confessed to him that he had been with Althea but Benzino takes it in stride and says he knew already because Althea had told him right from the beginning. Benzino turns around and breaks the news that Joselyn used to sleep around and repeats what the driver said. Stevie said he doesn’t believe it.

Tammy and Wacka are at the hospital for his specimen. The doctor tells them that Wacka is shooting 10,000 per liter and it should be 20 million. He seemed hurt but kept a positive outlook. Benzino and Joselyn are together, she tells him that every time he is around Benzino that they have problems. Stevie hits her below the belt and reminds her she was a stripper and he gave her life. Joselyn is in tears and it was hurtful to see. She says that he breaks her mentally and anytime he is mad at her he takes all her stuff. Stevie asks for his rings and she gives it to him. She said I am so over it and over you and Stevie says “You will never be over me”.

I heard a hollow bellow and I looked up to see Momma Dee “singing” in the studio. We get a roundup of each of the characters. Erica is grateful for her family. Karlie ready tells us her song will be a hit with or without Joc and she has learned not to mix business and pleasure and she is single and ready to mingle. Tammy tells us that they will keep trying and hope to have a child. Rasheeda says that she and Kirk are in a good place and they are working on their marriage. Tony and Kalenna finally got a home that was big enough for their son to come back and Tony’s other kids. Joseline continues doing her thing saying Stevie has much to lose. Mimi walks in saying she is still hurting but personally they are done. She goes to a bakery and treats herself to a slice of cake and some wine :/. We see Stevie in the studio and he says he needs to take a step to the left and let Joselyn miss him. If he could do anything different he would have stayed out of trouble and sometimes you have to ask who has your back. And then we see the answer as Stevie walks in to meet Mimi at the bakery…

She greets him warmly and tells him that she just found out that Nicko has been married for 7 years. Mimi seems drunk and says that she had a scumbag and he has a scumbag of a wife. They begin to argue as Stevie says there is level of scum. She said that she deserved an apology and Stevie dives into the best apology known to man that even brings Mimi to tears. She starts talking about how she has no one to talk to since her dad died, Stevie is a bit teary eyed and tells her that he loves her and he is here for her.  Stevie tells her not to compare him to Nicko because he is a scumbag and he will let the universe handle it and the universe is on “our” side. Mimi raises her eyebrow at “Our” and he promises to be there for their daughter that he puts that on his soul and she should trust him.

And so ends this season of everyone’s favorite ratchet show. Thank you guys for following all season long. Hope you enjoyed the recaps and feel free to let me know what recaps you would like to see.


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