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The Mindy Project: Season 3 Episode 7

The Mindy Project: Season 3 Episode 7 

No one should be surprised that Mindy steals all her movies and music online. And no one should be surprised that Danny is against it, “I never break the law.”
When Danny’s mom reveals that she doesn’t have a swimsuit, because Danny is afraid she’ll get “ogled at,” Mindy offers to take her shopping for something that won’t get her bullied.
The next morning, Peter seems happy with his new love interest Abby, Tamra’s best friend that he convinced to give him a second chance in the last episode. He expects her to want to do the standard girly things like go to brunch, “meet her friends new baby,” and what not, but she assures him that she isn’t like other girls. This leaves Peter feeling like she’s the perfect girl for him.

After an interesting bathing suit choice by Annette, “something Rihanna would wear to hedonism,” Mindy catches her stuffing a jacket into her purse. Danny being such a square, you wouldn’t expect it from his mother. But she did make it seem that she was a fun mom, and Danny became a square on his own.

When Mindy gets back to the office she struggles with not telling Danny about how Annette got the bomber jacket that he always wanted. Apparently, “he used to play Top Gun wearing a garbage bag pretending” it was a bomber jacket.
Later on, Mindy consults Jeremy about whether or not to tell Danny about his mother stealing. He advises her to keep quiet. But when Tamra’s charm bracelet goes missing, Mindy suspects it might have been Annette. When she confronts her, Annette gets upset and calls Danny. Turns out she didn’t steal it, Tamra had just tried it on her ankle.

Danny forces Mindy to go to dinner at his mom’s so that she can apologize. After his mom gloats about not stealing the bracelet— going as far to frame a receipt for the chicken she made for dinner— Mindy breaks down and blurts out that she saw Annette steal the jacket. Annette wiggles her way out of admitting she stole the jacket, by saying she didn’t realize she took it when she left the store, because of her failing eyesight. She said she went back to pay for it later while Mindy was enjoying the benefits of a massage chair. But she was busted when her watch got caught in the security device, and blue dye exploded on to Danny.

Danny yells at his mother and forces her to go back to the store to return it. The clerk obviously notices that it was stolen. And because the jacket was $500, she tells them she’ll “have to call Gary.” Afraid they will throw Annette in jail, Mindy says they should run. At first Danny says they should “stay and face the music,” but Mindy convinces him to run. Though he does yell that he’ll send Gary a check.

Since Mindy went to the dinner, Peter ended up having to be on call but still went to the party. He gets paged for a delivery and leaves early. After the delivery, he ignores Abby’s texts asking him to come back to the party. Peter realizes he does want someone who likes to go to brunch, so he breaks it off with her. Two seconds after walking out of Peter’s office, Abby comes back in like if nothing happened. She must have done a little too much “blazin.”

Danny admits that he “got a tingle,” when they ran out of the store, and Mindy pays for a song for the first time. Looks like their personalities are rubbing off on each other.

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