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The Mindy Project: Season 3 Episode 8

The Mindy Project: Season 3 Episode 8 


With Danny revealing that he slept in the same bed with his mom and his brother growing up, Mindy and Danny realize they have a problem with sleep arrangements. When Danny suggests sleeping in a way so that they can both be on the right side, he accidentally kicks Mindy in the face. Allowing her to wear a bedazzled pink eye patch that she just happened to have. The bigger issue is that Danny never stays at her place, but he agrees to after she guilts him.

Dr. Fishman calls Mindy into her office because she has been ducking her teaching responsibilities at the hospital. Yet again she puts the practice in jeopardy. Fishman threatens the practice if Mindy doesn’t teach her class that night. Since Danny finally decided to come over her place that night, she gets Tamra to cover for her. Tamra being Tamra, takes full advantage of pretending to be a doctor by reciting inspirational poetry. Fishman notices and forces Mindy to actually teach the class, leaving Danny alone in her apartment. While looking for a buzzing noise, he finds that Mindy has “the same neck massager as ma,” and her diary.

Mindy meets her residents, including guest star King Bach playing overachieving know it all TJ. Immediately showing off, TJ eclipses the rest of the class, prompting Mindy to try to give Candice, a shy young female resident, a chance. TJ still ends up showing off some more.

Back at her apartment, Danny barely tries not to read Mindy’s diary. He finds out she thought he was hot, with “lips plump like boiled hot dogs,” when they were residents.

When it comes time to discuss a patient’s surgery, the patient asks specifically for TJ. Mindy tries to steer the patient away from TJ, suggesting Candice instead. TJ oversteps, prepping for the surgery even though Mindy picked Candice.

Danny continues to read Mindy’s diary, where she compares more of his body parts to food, “that cute little tush, like two scrumptious empanadas.” When Morgan surprises him, with turn down service, he accidentally spills wine all over the diary. Suggesting that he forge a copy of the diary, Morgan brings up the fact that Jeremy could do it. Jeremy refuses at first, but after Mindy sees them all together he decides to do it.

Dr. Fishman tells Mindy that a student filed a sexism complaint against her. Mindy immediately knows that it was TJ. “Voted the nicest lesbian at her last hospital,” Dr. Fishman tells Mindy she needs to fix it so that TJ doesn’t think the hospital is “run by mean man hating lesbians.”

When Mindy tries to be nice to TJ at the gym, she accidentally causes both of them to fall off their treadmills. TJ is mad that he worked so hard only to have Mindy pass him over just because Candice is a girl. Mindy sets him straight, letting him know that she doesn’t see herself in Candice, but in him. That as the better students, they have to give the others a chance too.

In the process of making the copy of Mindy’s diary, Jeremy comes across a passage he’s uncomfortable reading. One night Danny got down on one knee to pick up some trash, but Mindy thought he was proposing. She writes that if he doesn’t propose by Christmas she might have to break up with him. Danny freaks out about it being too soon for marriage. Morgan doesn’t think so since Danny is out of options.

TJ takes Mindy’s advice and apologizes to Candice, who takes the opportunity to jump his bones. Candice is even worse than before, only focusing on TJ. When Mindy tries to talk to her about it, Candice snaps at her, calling her “a bossy, stressed out spinster.” Disappointed, Mindy gives up on Candice and dismisses the class. Fishman gets her to realize that although Candice didn’t work out, she did a good job with TJ.

Danny tells his mother about what Mindy wrote in her diary, and she suggests he break up with her, “you don’t string along a girl her age.” Mindy invites Danny over to her place, so he rushes to get the new diary from Jeremy. He beats her to her place, making it just in time to put the diary back. Still freaked out about the idea of getting married, he decides not to stay when Mindy asks him to stay. Leaving the viewer to believe he’s going to break up with her since he’s not ready to get married. But then he comes back. This might mean there will be a proposal by the end of the season!

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