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Quantico Recap: Season 1 Episode 4

Quantico Recap: Season 1 Episode 4 


At Quantico, Alex has started misbehaving due to her feelings of guilt over having killed her dad who she found out was a hero. This has started affecting her, she’s performing harder and basically pushing herself as hard as she could. Liam also told Ryan to push her out of the training. He said she had been flagged as unfit for the programme and that Ryan should help push her over the edge so she quits. This week’s training was about hostage negotiation. The recruits are all in a big group but split into smaller sub groups and taken to the FBI fake town where they have to kill terrorists and rescue the hostages with the help of the trainee analysts.

They were placed in many hostage situations in different houses and had to work their way through them. Alex did well but she did it all on her own which isn’t in tandem with the FBI teamwork rulebook. Her behavior worries Shelby who tries to talk to her but gets shut down and told that they aren’t friends. They then have the big office building hostage situation. Shelby, worried, tells Ryan to take care of Alex that she’s been weird ever since she read the file and accidentally gets told by Ryan that Alex killed her dad. During the exercise, Alex freezes and gets Ryan and Simon shot and also ends up being shot herself. Caleb surprisingly makes a good analyst and helps Nimah (Raina) during the training.

After the training, Alex breaks and seems determined to quit. She, however goes up to Miranda with her dad’s file and Miranda tells her that though he was a good agent, that didn’t make him a good person. He was a drunk and had threatened her mom’s life more than once and that if she hadn’t killed him that night, he would have killed her mom and maybe her too. The pep talk makes Alex realize that she really wants to be an agent and she ends up thanking Ryan for his help. She and Shelby also make up and Shelby tells her that the mysterious person she calls is her half sister. Ryan then goes to Liam and accuses him of making him work off the books, Liam threatens him that no one would believe if he goes to report him to his superiors as the official line is Ryan is retraining. Unknown to Liam though, Ryan has his phone on during the conversation and Miranda was listening to the entire conversation.

Miranda goes to see Nimah and convinces her to go back to Quantico as she wants the sisters to infiltrate the Extremists group that targeted her son. Back to the present day, agents surround where Simon and Alex are. As they are about to swoop in, Ryan finds out that Simon was working for the FBI and sends a series of texts to Simon that made him decide to eventually help her. They escape and go to a guy Simon knows who says that the wire they found was made by McGregor-Wyatt which is Shelby’s company. They break into her apartment where they discover that she just came from a trip, stays in hotels a lot and we also find out that Alex and Shelby are no longer friends due to a secret Alex uncovered in Quantico.

Shelby walks in on them and Ryan also walks in soon after. He tells Alex that the FBI is on their way as they tracked Simon’s car and that she should run but she told him and Simon to go instead that she is going to question Shelby. After they left, there is another weak looking fight between the two girls but Alex eventually gets the upper hand and she is determined to get some answers. The FBI command station, gets wind of this and set new orders that since she’s taken another hostage, she’s now to be shot on sight.

I really enjoyed this episode. The present day story for once was more interesting than the training stuff, though I also enjoyed that. Why is the analyst guy Elias so annoying? Urgh. He actually annoys the hell out of me. He’s acting like a jilted boyfriend though I must admit he is good at his job. He seems to be the only one to notice that Simon has a crush(?) on Nimah. Simon is also not helping matters by continuing to be untrustworthy. He’s also a Max? Interesting. Liam is still shady. Why did he suddenly need to get Alex out? I hope we get to find out soon. Caleb is also starting to grow on me.

In the present day seems though Natalie and Ryan are together, he still has feelings for Alex. The fight between Alex and Shelby was LOL worthy. Honestly, they should just stop. Finally, I am really interested in what caused the rift between them and I hope it can be resolved.

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