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Who is Caitlin Fitzgerald?

Who is Caitlin Fitzgerald? 

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On this episode of “Hey! I know her. I just can’t figure out where I have seen her or what her name is…We have Caitlin Fitzgerald who is doing some steady work these days. Here are some places where you might have seen her.

Best known as Libby Masters on Masters of Sex



As the “Bachelorette”, Serena on Unreal
As Chloe on Rectify
In her newest role as Simone on Sweetbitter

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  1. Vivi

    Saw her in the preview of “Unreal” and was like ‘Heyyy, I know her!’ Then I saw commercials for “Sweetbitter” and was like ‘Okay, she’s doing double duty. I see you!’ Anywho, this just reminded me that I have too many shows to catch up on.

  2. Vivi

    (I did a ‘Hallelujah’ cause I can finally post on your site. woop woop.)

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