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My 90 Day Fiance Rant About #TheFamilyChantel

My 90 Day Fiance Rant About #TheFamilyChantel 

Who Is Royal's Wife in 'The Family Chantel'? She's the Newest Member

I have written before about 90 Day Fiance (see here). Since I wrote that post, the show has decided to focus on just a few of the couples and continue to document their journey. Chantel and Pedro (above) are one of the couples. Chantel is American from Atlanta, GA while Pedro is from the Dominican Republic. Everything went wrong from beginning when Chantel insisted on lying to her parents and telling them that Pedro moved to America on a student visa vs the truth that he was here on a 90 day fiance visa and they were getting married. It was a stupid decision from jump and probably why we are in this situation that I am about to rant about.

Naturally, Chantel’s family were apprehensive about Pedro when the lie was revealed and automatically thought the worst of him. Ok – fair enough. But here’s the problem. They didn’t take the time to get to know this young man better, especially Chantel’s spoiled brat of a brother, River who basically just dislikes Pedro and had to be cajoled to make it to the wedding ceremony. They judged poor Pedro and even made him sign a prenup (what does Chantel have?) They haven’t made a turn around since then.

Image result for 90 day fiance chantel parents dominican republic
Chantel’s parents

They seem to forget that Pedro left his entire family to be with Chantel. While I get the apprehension of someone coming from a different country, he actually seems like one of the good ones and deeply cares for Chantel. He barely speaks English and once her family gangs up on him, it’s so frustrating watching him try to defend himself due to the language barrier. It would be nice if his wife stood up for him but it’s like her family has a hold on her and gets into her head and she always sides with them. Anyways, this season it gets to a head when Chantel suddenly has issues with him sending money back to the DR to his mom and sister.

Now, I get it. Americans don’t see beyond their nose tip and thinks the world revolves around America and that’s it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. If you marry someone who is from a different culture, it’s helpful to learn a little about it. Again, he left everything for her. Also, as an immigrant, I probably understand it better. The exchange rate allows for the dollar to go a helluva long way more in DR than it would here. Pedro is able to move his family to a 3br apartment and when they return for the second wedding he goes back with toiletries and dresses (again, normal to me. it’s just cheaper here!) for his family.

Chantel seems fine with it till her parents see it all and get into her head. They go visit Pedro’s mom and their faces already look like sour milk. Pedro’s mom serves them chicken feet which may have had some shade and could have been cultural and Chantel’s family are all like it’s voodoo and they aren’t touching it and leave. They set out and make a 5 hour journey to visit his grandma in the village or country as Americans say. As soon as they get there, Chantel’s family refuses to get out the van they begin to say really disrespectful things like “it’s where militia live”, “look at the wild dogs”. They also refer to her pot as a “cauldron”. I saw red. I was furious! How dare they?

Image result for 90 day fiance chantel parents river
Chantel’s brother, River. Ugh.

They go on and on and eventually just leave. And the worst part? Chantel leaves with them. Boy. This was the last straw for Pedro’s sister because they are sick and tired of seeing how their brother is treated. Pedro even tries talking to her father and he repeats again how they think his mom has conspired to have him marry an American in order to upgrade her life. Whoosh. While once again, Pedro is trying to defend himself with the language barrier. Chicken River (above) tells him to pipe down and respect his dad. God! After you disrespected his mom and sister?? Boy, are you kidding me??

Whoosah. I am so furious at her family and there is really nothing I can do as I do not know these people and it is just a tv show. I just really hate the disrespect and ignorance that is being shown every week by this family. If they could just take a step down from their high horse and learn a little about other cultures maybe they will have some respect for Pedro. Since it is a reality show, I am sure it will get all resolved but for now, you guys are just going to have endure my rant 😀


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  1. Marys

    I don’t like Pedro actitud because he needs to realize that his family only asking for money and don’t care about his matrimony. He needs to know his marriage now and his new family is chanthal.

  2. Jen

    Pedro’s sister is waaaay worse than River. She is overtly disrespectful. Also why tho Pedro’s sister and Mom remand items and treat him like his generosity is not optional?
    Chantel can find a less dramatic, happier relationship that increases her quality of life instead of decreases her quality of life. If anyone got a good deal here, it’s definitely Pedro.

  3. Lannie

    What gets me is chantel family acts like they are better than everyone else and wants people to think they a filthy rich but I’m sorry that little suc ass house you live in gives you away lol they are what we call champagne taste on a beer budget and also a bunch of trouble makers , trash just pure trash

  4. Melissa

    Chantel and Pedro are the most sincere couple on the show as far as true love. If nether one of them had their families instigating the drama in their marriage, the marriage would be less stressful and a lot happier. Both families are a joke. Pedro and Chantel need to cut ties with the families for a while and focus on their relationship. Chantel’s family loves to focus on the time they went to DR and Pedro’s family needs to stop asking for cash and gifts. God just let this poor couple be.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree!! They all need to bud out!!

  5. Anonymous

    Chantel’s family are a bunch of medaling, shit starting, gossiping southerners. River is an adolescent who shouldn’t be so opiniated with his sisters marriage because it’s none of his business, and he needs to know his place. Chantel’s bouche ass parents not only disrespected Pedro from the jump with their racist antics, but take every opportunity they possibly can to start shit with this man. In a nut shell when you get married your spouse becomes your family and family needs to respect that!!

    1. Anonymous

      Chantel is a spoiled, immature brat controlled by her family. Pedro is caught in cultural hell.

  6. Andrea Feinstein

    I feel bad for Chatel and Pedro. Both families are just stupid and are destroying this young couple’s marriage.

  7. Jenell Martin

    I so agree with you. His family is out of control and start every fight. They need to get back in their lane. The fist fight at her parents house was 100% on them her mom should of kept her lips zipped and not brought up chantals issue with her husbands sister special right to her and drilling her about it not her place, her daughter is a adult her mom needs to stay the hell out of it and only be a shoulder for her daughter and a advice giver. Chantel your family is so beyond disrespectful to your husband, his family and most importantly to your marriage. The problems in your marriage is your family. I can guarantee your family will treat any man in their life this way they are stuck entitled disrespectfulidiots idiots. And really your mom removing her rings and acting all tough. Turn on your tv and watch the show to see it from a different few what is going on. Your husband has no choice but to defend him self against your family.

  8. My #90DayFiance Rant About The Family Chantel - Part 2 - Taynement

    […] case you missed the first part of my rant, you can find it here. Another season has come and gone and if you haven’t seen the finale then you have seen the […]

  9. Mieka

    I can’t stand Chantel and her family, make me sick. I feel so bad for Pedro because her loves her. If you go to your family and always tell them bad things, what do you expect. Of course they are going to hate him. Every time her family says something she sides with them. They both need to move away from family for sometime and work on their marriage. Seek a neutral person for counselling and not their family members. I agree with the with Pedro for wanting to help his family in the DR. Being in a bigger house in the DR may cost less than what Chantel and Pedro pay in the states. Chantel is just self centered and jealous. People who struggle growing up dream of taking care of their parents who struggled to raise them. Something people who had a easy life growing up will never understand.

  10. Anne

    Chantal created lies about Pedro in the first place. She should be held responsible for the issues between her family and Pedro. If she is so dedicated to her parents, why was she so afraid to tell them about why Pedro was in the US in the first place. Why didn’t she confide in them and let them know she was in love. What did she have to hide? The same goes for her borther. Chantal claims she is very attached to her brother. Why didn’t see confide in him and tell him she met the man of her dreams and was going to marry him? Something is off with all this. Pedro walked into a bad situation in minute he entered the US. He does have a right to send money home but he should be supporting Chantal, too. Most immigrants do send money home and do continue to help relatives in other countries.

    I’m curious about Pedro’s family, too. Why doesn’t his mother, the alleged attorney (or paralegal/legal secretary) have enough money to purchase a TV? Doesn’t Pedro’s sister work? Why should she depend on funds sent by brother? Frankly, none of this adds up! Its all crazy!

    Chantal’s parents are not cultured individuals. When Pedro’s family called Chantal’s family “stupid Americans,” they were right! Chantal’s family brought up voodoo so Pedro’s mother tried to irk the by serving chicken feet. That was kind of funny. All Chantal’s family had to do was not eat the feet and tell the mother thanks for the meal graciously without any drama. Then the joke would have been on Pedro’s mother! I’m also sure Pedro’s grandmother cooked food for both families all day in that huge pot outside of her house. If the food was good enough for Pedro’s family, Chantal’s family should have at least tasted it for the sake of bringing the two families together and making things right.

  11. Anonymous

    I never, ever blog on anything but I just could not hold my tongue. I agree! This family is so ignorant and disrespectful. To drive 5 hours and refuse to get out of the car? His family was not good enough to even meet? They cooked for them and waited for them! So offensive! They do not understand that different cultures live differently! There is value in differences and to think one way is the only/right way is ignorant. Chantel seems clueless as well. It would have benefitted her to learn about the man she brought to America and plans to marry.


    What nationality is Chantal’s dad?

  13. Samantha J Sandefer

    One more thing as I posted earlier but I think Chantal didn’t tell her family bc she knew they’d be manipulative! Sorry too bc this is old to most peeps but I’m watching old episodes on Hulu!

  14. RJH

    This is exactly what I was thinking. They are just so dumb, like so many of the people on these 90 day shows. No wonder the world thinks we’re so dumb most of the time, they see these people as examples of Americans… Don’t get me started on River, and his mom. My god!

  15. Anonymous

    Did anyone else notice when Chantel and her family went to the Dominican Republic for the second wedding and she was arguing with her mom and sister. When chantel went off on pedros sister because he called her a “bitch” she actually didn’t say that. The sister said “punto” which means period because pedros mom said if you don’t trust Pedro leave him. Stuff like this just makes me hate her and her stupid family so much because they try to make it seem like they’re evil just because Pedro married your ugly daughter. I really hope chantel opens her eyes and cuts her family out they deserve the suffering of not having her in their life.

  16. Anonymous

    I used to feel sorry for Chantal; Now I feel sorry for Pedro. What an arrogant and insulting family!

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