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My Yay/Nays to the new Fall TV shows

My Yay/Nays to the new Fall TV shows 

So, right before the Fall 2014 TV season started, I did a post on the shows I was looking to check out. Well, we have eased into the season and I have had a chance to check out the shows I listed and more. I decided to share with you guys how I feel about the shows with a simple yay or nay instead of launching into a long narrative about each. I watch a lot of TV but unfortunately I don’t watch everything so you might not see your shows on here (especially if it is on CBS).

Gotham – On the fence (honestly, I watch but there’s really nothing great about it)

The Affair – Yay

Red Band Society – Nay (’twas just too meh for me)

Jane the Virgin – Yay

Forever – Nay

Blackish – Yay

Cristela – Yay

A-Z – Yay (but can easily slide to meh)

Marry Me – Yay

Manhattan Love Story – Meh-ish (but can easily slide to Nay)

Selfie – Meh

How to Get Away with Murder – Nay

Survivor’s Remorse – Yay

Shows I did not watch but based on what I’ve heard

Madam Secretary – Yay

Bad Judge – Nay

Mysteries of Laura – Yay/Nay

Stalker – Nay

Scorpion – Yay/Nay

The Flash – Yay

So folks, these are all the shows I can think of now. Hope it inspires you to watch a show or two. On the flip, what have been your favorite shows so far?




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  1. Nimm

    Blackish, Jane the Virgin, the Flash Yays
    Selfie, Manhattan Love Story, HTGAWM Meh
    Scorpio,Forever, Bad Judge Nays
    Not seen the remaining

  2. neuyogi

    i guess i should really consider blackish rather than how to get away with murder huh? I didnt want to cos didnt tracee ellis ross and that same dude already have a recently failed show where she was a therapist? The previews of blackish seemed similiar

  3. jubekwe

    The affair, yay. Not seen any of the others.

    1. Hallie

      If time is money you’ve made me a wealehitr woman.

  4. Original Mgbeke

    I love Black-ish. Too too cute.
    The Affair is good.
    I need to watch Survivors remorse and Jane the Virgin.

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